May 15, 2012

McMillans (2) - Round 22

Mark was so proud of Lacy.  She'd beaten out even himself & become valedictorian of the 16th graduating class of Sim State Uni. 

As soon as they arrived home, he dropped to one knee to propose.

Lacy gazed at her ring & tearfully accepted.  Mark made her so incredibly happy & was so understanding of her drive to succeed.

They enjoyed a small family wedding.

Mark was heartbroken when the festivities were broken up after Conrad passed away.  He'd had a smile on his face & had called out Tristen's name.

Lacy was surprised to discover herself pregnant so early in their marriage.  She wasn't prepared to take a leave of absence yet, though.  Who said pregnant women couldn't work?!

"You know, you should probably take it easy before the baby is born.  When is your maternity leave?" Mark asked.

"I can't take time off quite yet.  I'm so close to that promotion.  After the baby is born I'll take more time, off.  I promise!"
"Oh God, maybe I should've taken that leave," she thought miserably as she huffed on the front lawn after coming home from work late one night.

She cuddled little Marcus against her chest and hurried inside to the warmth.

"How has work been going?" Lacy asked Mark over dinner.  They both tended to stay very busy with their work schedules, so they didn't always get much private time together.

Mark smiled.  "It's going well. I'm excited about moving on to a new field, though."

Happy birthday Marcus!

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  1. I always make my preggos work, too. LOL...gotta get those promotions! Nothing like giving birth on the lawn. Cute kid. Looks very serious.


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