May 15, 2012

Landrys - Round 22

Jasmine couldn't believe Trevor Carter was actually interested in her!  All the girls wanted him!  She could feel Vanessa Reed's envious eyes on her all night.

Out on the deck, Brooks was putting the moves on Theresa Reed.  She was a senior & he was a freshmen, but she was putty in his hands!

Jeremy tried to talk some sense into Jasmine.  "Look, I know my brother.  He's bad news.  He's not interested in settling down with one girl," he tried to warn her. 

Jasmine rolled her eyes.  "Whatever!"

Jeremy sighed.  He really liked Jasmine and didn't want to see her hurt.  But, he didn't think there was anything he could say that would convince Jasmine to not fall for Trevor's corny lines.

(Jeremy came over to visit every day & every day Jasmine rolled the want to talk to him.)

Brooks seemed to date a lot, but really, he was hoping to find that one special someone...

The girl that he could spend the rest of his life with...

"No, Brooks!" Vanessa grimaced as she pushed Brooks away.  "You've got a bad reputation! Everyone knows you only date a girl once or twice before moving on! You're as bad as Trevor!"

Brooks was crest-fallen.  How did a family sim wind up with a romance sim reputation?  It boggled the mind! Turning away, he went to his room and tried to think about where he went wrong.

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  1. Poor indecisive Brooks. It's funny, but my family sims roll up woohoo wants faster than my romance sims!


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