May 21, 2012

Landrys (2) - Round 22

"Hey Dad," Annie hugged Ryder in greeting.  "It's so good to be home!"

"It's good to have you back, pumpkin!"

"Dad, I'm an adult now! You can't call me pumpkin!"

Ryder smiled, "I'll call you pumpkin even when you're a shriveled old lady!  You'll always be my pumpkin!"

Annie rolled her eyes.  "I'm starved from the drive from uni, though.  Got any good leftovers?"

Ryder checked his watch & then glanced at the fridge.  "Actually, I don't think we do.  Look, I have to run to a meeting," he said as he grabbed his briefcase. "It's good to see you. Pumpkin." 

Grumbling, Annie went to the fridge & peered in.  He was right! No leftovers! Now what was she supposed to do?

Sandwiches were so boring! She got spoiled living on campus & eating omelettes every morning!  There had to be something that made this easier!

Mom suggested reading cookbooks & learning how to make a few meals.  Slamming the book shut, she groaned.  Who wanted to read some stupid cookbook?!

Walking outside, she shivered at the nip in the air. 

"There you are, dearie," she heard a voice say behind her.

Startled, she turned around. 

"It's you!" she cried.  "I have so many questions!"

"I didn't tell you to speak. I have a favor I need from you.  Someone has double-crossed me & taken my amulet.  Get it back for me & I'll answer your question."

Annie shook her head.  "But how? You have the magic!"

Andrea the Head Witch cackled.  "So do you, dearie.  Do not disappoint me," she threatened as she hopped on her broom and swiftly flew up into the sky.

Well, she supposed if it really was the witch's amulet, then it wasn't really breaking the law.  Besides, she needed answers! And quick!


Weeks had gone by & Andrea had yet to answer any of her questions.  She would always answer in a round-about way, leaving Annie with even more questions than when she began.   Even worse, Annie seemed to be doing more and more favors for Andrea, many that she was beginning to suspect weren't legal in the least bit.

Frustrated, she hauled out the book she'd been giving on the occult & poured through it, in hopes of figuring out how to handle her power... how to solve her problems...

"Oh my gosh!" she exclaimed as she studied the text.  "Too cool!"  Now this she had to try.

Chanting the words before her & wiggling her wand, Annie gasped when sparks shot from her wand.

"It worked!" she giggled.  "Oh my God, it worked!"

"Voila! Dinner is served!" Annie laid down the perfectly roasted turkey on the countertop & watched her parents Oh & Ah.

"I knew you could do it if you applied yourself," Lyndsay said happily.

Ryder rubbed his hands together, "Turkey! Looks great, pumpkin!"

Annie grinned.  She could get used to this!

A few other spells caught Annie's attention.  Pleased with the results, Annie spent more time studying the book, memorizing all the spells that she could.

She murmured the words as the maid was bent over smoothing the sheets.  ZAP!

Annie giggled under her breath.  Was it just her or did the maid look like she'd gained 10 pounds? 

 God, would her parents quit making out like teenagers already? Gross!  Annie scrolled through the spells in her head for a good one that would stop the making out.. and quick.

Smiling, she murmured the words and pointed the wand.

Suddenly, Lyndsay covered her mouth & stood up.  "Oh God! Excuse me!" she mumbled as she ran from the room.

Ryder hurried after her and patted her back as she threw up in the toilet.  "Are you okay? Was it the chicken salad we had this afternoon?" he asked worriedly.

Lyndsay rinsed her mouth and shook her head.  "No, no. I feel fine now.  I just.. goodness!"

Ryder rubbed her back.  "Well, if you didn't want to make out anymore, you should've just said no!"

Lyndsay swatted at Ryder's arm.  "You silly man!"

Lyndsay grabbed his hand and led him to their bed.

Grinning, Annie laid in bed.  Powerful.  That's how she felt. Sneaky & powerful!  She thought she was ready now to put her plan in action.

Murmuring the words she'd memorized, Annie called upon the High Witch to be teleported at her command.

Andrea stood up shakily.  "Ooof," she said as her bones creaked.  "What is the meaning of this?" she demanded, wand at the ready.  Glancing up, she saw who had summoned her.  "Ah, it's you!"

Annie had one chance to show Andrea that she was no longer the young girl she had toyed with - but a strong woman to be feared.

Crossing her arms, Annie began, "I asked you each time I performed a favor for answers to my questions.  Now, I demand it!  Unless would perhaps like your memory to be wiped clean! Or perhaps you'd prefer a hoard of insects to follow you for eternity?"

"Now, now, dearie, there's no need to threaten," Andrea attempted to pacify Annie.  "We're old friends, you and I."

"I wouldn't call us friends! You used me!"

"I wouldn't call it use, per se!"

"I want answers! Now!"

Andrea trembled in her shoes at the force in Annie's voice.  The fact that Annie had been able to summon her showed that her power was greater than her own.

"Perhaps I might be of some assistance," a new voice calmly intoned behind her.

"STERLING," Andrea hissed.  "Be gone!"

"Quiet! I will say who comes & goes," Annie barked.  "Who are you?"

 "My name is Sterling Midlock, at your service," he announced, bowing deeply before her.

Annie was taken aback by the theatrics.  "Oh... well..."

"Well this is so very touching and all," Andrea said snidely.

Annie barely heard her, she seemed to be entranced by the handsome man with billowing white robes. She didn't even notice as Andrea hopped on her broom and jetted towards the sky.

Sterling smiled kindly.  "You have questions?"

"I do! My life has been changed for years. I have this... this... power now and I want to know to harness it. How to control it! There's so much I want to know!"

The kind mind chuckled.  "I will answer everything.  Come to my home tomorrow & we will begin first thing in the morning."

"But I don't know where you live!" Annie said desperately as Sterling began to disappear.  "Wait! Please! I don't...."

But it was too late.  Sterling Midlock, the good witch, was gone. 

Annie took a deep breath & tried to steady her racing nerves. She'd come so close and she'd let both of them slip away.  Tears pooled in her eyes.  She didn't want to live this way!

Opening her eyes, she saw something floating down from the sky.  As it drew nearer, she saw it was a card of some sort.  And it seemed to float right into her hand! Magic! Annie searched the sky for a sign of Sterling.  Flipping the card over, she read the engraving, "Sterling Midlock, Infallibly Good Warlock Extraordinaire."

Frustrated, Annie flipped to the other side.  "UGH! No address! How am I to find him?!" she groaned between gritted teeth.  What was the point in sending a calling card if it didn't tell her where to go? Or how to contact him?

Prepared to crumple the card and throw it to the cowplant, Annie was startled to realize there were new words engraved.  Squinting in the dark, she saw an address engraved where his name once appeared.  The minute she had finished reading the address, the card burst into a flock of doves that took flight to the sky.

Smiling, Annie thought of the mischievous man she'd met & how once again her life was probably going to change course!  She couldn't wait!

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