May 20, 2012

Johnstons - Round 22

Alyssa had waited impatiently for Lestat to return from college.  And now he was standing her in front of her! Grabbing his lapels, she pulled him to her & kissed him for all she was worth.

"Umm... Lestat? What's wrong?" she asked as she pulled away.  She could tell something was bothering him.

Lestat put his hand to his head and groaned.  "I should've done better in school... I should call my family more... I should..."

Alyssa listen to Lestat ramble about the things he should and shouldn't do & it gave her an idea.

Dropping to her knee, she grabbed his hand.  "You should marry me. Right now. This minute.  I don't want to wait at all!"

Lestat gasped.  "Do you mean it? Do you think we should?"

"Of course we should! We love each other! And neither of us want to wait! Let's get married and start a family right away!" she explained.  "And I know the perfect place!"

"I now pronounce you husband and wife..." the pastor intoned at The Quickie Chapel. 

(Really, Mr. Pastor Statue... on all my recent weddings, you've done such a good job marrying my Sims, but this? This pose?!)

(Okay... okay... I take it back. I liked the other pose better!  How are they supposed to take this quickie marriage seriously if he's back there messing with his foot?!)
Alyssa was even more excited when she'd finally loaded her things into the taxi.  She & Lestat were going to begin a new chapter in both of their lives! She'd miss Caleb, Heather & her little niece Susie Q, though!

After all, Susie Q was still a young toddler!

Heather missed the extra paid of hands though, especially now that she was so pregnant.  (Holy COW! I don't think I've ever seen one of my ladies this pregnant!)

"Caleb!" Heather called.  "I need you!"

Heather searched for Caleb with her newborn in her hands, then realized she was having another contraction.  Gently placing her Heidi on the ground with Susie Q, she gave a final push.

Heather was slightly surprised that Cameron was a red-headed little boy.  She tried to think back if there were any ancestors in her family with that shade of red!

Susie Q had played with little Heidi for a moment, poking her head, but soon grew bored.  Crawling into her parents room, she'd found Teddy.  "I wub you Teddy!" she said as she hugged the little bear.

Then promptly proceeded to fall asleep, with Teddy snuggled by her side.


Susie tried her hardest to get a good grade.  She did her homework every day when she got home from school & made sure to listen hard in class.

She wanted her Mom & Dad to be so proud of her!  "Look Mom! Look Dad! I got an A"

Caleb distractedly congratulated her as he rocked Cameron in his arms.  "Good job honey, look, go change, it's time for the twins birthday party!"

Susie Q sighed.  The twins! Again!  She'd liked it so much better before they were born!

Happy birthday Cameron & Heidi!

And if Susie Q thought that they twins growing up would've changed anything....

Well, she was wrong.  They still got all the attention while she was forced to play alone...

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  1. She even LOOKS so adult. That was ONE pregnant sim!


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