May 15, 2012

Harts - Round 22

Theo Hart fiddled with his cards.  He just couldn't concentrate on the game.  "Come on, man," Kent grumbled.  "Are you in or out?"

"I'm out guys.  I've given you enough money tonight!"

Junior laughed.  "Not quite yet.  I could do with a couple hundred more!"

"Yeah, yeah..."  Theo got up and wandered towards the bar for a refill.  He felt so antsy for some reason.

Not watching where he was going, he bumped into someone soft & curvy.  "Damn. I'm sorry," he apologized as he helped her gain her footing. "Hey! Christa? Right? We went to college together!"

Christa smiled and put her hair behind her ear.  "Hi! Yeah, I thought I recognized you!"

"I'm here with Kent & Junior. Come say hi!"

Christa followed behind Theo as he led her over to their table & soon his troubles were all but forgotten.


"It's okay everyone, I'm fine," Marylena said weakly as the family gathered around her.  "I'm just feeling a little peaked.  I just need to eat something."

Frankie hovered next to his wife.  "Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yes!" Marylena said, exasperated.  "I'm just pregnant!"

"Uncle Theo, is Mom going to be okay?" Gayle asked, scared.

Theo crouched down so that he was level with his niece. Putting a comforting arm around her shoulders, he told her that Marylena was fine. "You're just going to be a big sister!"

Gayle looked solemnly up at her uncle.  "I hope it's a girl!"

 Gayle's worries about her potential sibling were forgotten about after starting school and making friends.

Even if one of them was her brother!

And in the end, Gayle didn't get her wish...

...Welcome to the family little Chandler Hart!

(A nice domestic night that all the family members made it to the table!)


Theo anxiously waited for Christa to arrive.  He couldn't stop thinking about her! When he woke in the morning, he wanted to call her... even if it was too early! When he went to sleep at night, he dreamed of her. 

Greeting her with a searing kiss, Theo fell down to his knee...

"Christa Downie, make me the happiest man in the world & marry me!"

Christa gasped in pleasure.  "Of course, Theo!"

Theo smiled.  "Let's go tell my family!"


Ashlee was elated that her youngest son would soon be married.  Maybe that would be the extra push that helped Matt along! 

"Way cool," Parker said after hearing about Theo's engagement.

Theo did a double-take.  His little nephew was all grown up now! When did that happen?!  Theo slapped Parker on the back and hugged him.

For that matter... all of his cousin, Frankie's kids seemed to be growing fast! 

Little Chandler was already a toddler!

And Gayle in middle school, showing promise of being a perfect little mother.  She'd been so proud to tell everyone that she'd taught Chandler his ABC's!

Seeing how wonderful the children were together made Theo long for his own...

But first... he couldn't wait to marry his wonderful fiance!

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  1. Okay, no one died, right? So why is Death hanging around in the kitchen? It's great to hook up with someone from Uni dorms. They have all those great points and double want bars.


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