May 21, 2012

Harts (3) - Round 22

Ruby watched Matt greet his brother Theo & his new sister-in-law Christa into their home.  God, of all the people in the world - it had to be Christa!

She wasn't sure why, but Christa hated her!

Probably because she'd slept around so much in college, she thought sadly.

Oh well, the home was big enough for all of them, she guessed.

Matt held Ruby's hand as they lay in bed that night.  "Don't worry Ruby. It'll be okay. She'll see how much you've changed!"

Christa sleepily drifted off 20 feet across the house, "I just can't stand her Theo.  I don't trust her as far as I can throw her!"

Theo laughed. "I don't think you could throw her very far!"


They ate in silence, staring at their food. Awkward!

"Look, the only reason I'm attempting to be nice to you is for my husband," Christa said over a game of chess, emphasizing the fact that she was married.

"Yeah, well back at you. I'm just doing this for my lover."

Christa rolled her eyes.  They were so different! They'd never get along!


Ruby made breakfast and passed out the pancakes.

"So what's the special occasion?" Matt asked.

"Well, I wanted everyone to know... I'm pregnant!"

Christa's fork clattered to the plate.  She & Theo had been trying for months and had no luck & stupid Ruby wasn't even married and she was pregnant.

Matt's mouth dropped open. "You're... you're sure?"

Ruby smiled. 'Yeah, isn't it exciting!"

Matt swallowed the lump in his throat.  "Yeah.. yeah! That's... great..."

Christa jerked up from the table and glared at Ruby before storming to her room & slamming the door.

Theo put his napkin down quietly and excused himself.  "I should go talk to her."

Theo was glad he'd caught his brother alone.  He'd just found out he was going to be a Dad, too.  "Isn't this great?" Theo asked.  "I mean. You are looking forward to this, right?"

"I don't know Theo! I mean, we just got together! What if we don't fit! What if.."

Theo shook his head.  "No what ifs.  You're going to be a Dad! Man up!"

Matt nervously waited for Ruby to get home from work.  He had something big to ask her.

Clearing his throat, he asked, "So, do you want to get hitched?"

Ruby gazed at the ring on her finger.  "Yes!" she said excitedly.  "I can't wait!"

"Well, we better hurry up before that baby pops out!"