May 14, 2012

Downies - Round 22

Quentin was excited to have his brothers over for a sleep-over at his house this time around.  He knew things were bad between Quinn & Jenny. 

"Do you think they're going to make up?" Quentin asked.

"Who the hell knows," Quincy grumbled.  "They're being baby's about the whole thing.  Dad's not talking to Mom & Mom is bending over backwards to make him happy."

Kurt was quiet.

Quentin looked over at Kurt, not a blood brother, but a brother in his heart.  "It's not your fault, you know."

Kurt shrugged. "Whatever. I don't want to talk about it anymore. What's for dinner?"

Quentin sighed.  What a mess!  Quinn had an affair with his Mom, Camilla that had resulted in his birth.  He'd only just met his birth father & found out that he had brothers & a sister.  Then, one night, it had come out that Kurt wasn't Quinn's real son... some dipwad named Curtis was trying to blackmail Jenny into keeping his paternity quiet.  Quentin thought of them as the Three Amigos... all connected by halves.

"Sure, let's see what Jeeves can cook up!"

Blake could feel the years weighing heavily on him.  He'd often pause by the painting of Regina & gaze into her eyes again.  She'd been such a presence in his life.  He should have hated her for all she'd done to him, but strangely.... he still loved her. 

Gazing at her likeness made him feel that she was truly there... teasing him into submission once more.  Clutching his heart, he rubbed the sore spot.  He physically ached from missing her sometimes. Not that he would admit it to the children.  They just didn't understand.

But somehow, he knew that he'd be joining her soon...

Olivia missed her Grandpa Blake like crazy.  He'd been the one to play with her & take care of her while her parents were busy with God knows what.  Some parents they were, she scoffed. Never around when she needed them!

Although, it was kind of nice that they weren't around most of the time...

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