May 19, 2012

Downies (3) - Round 22

"Are you sure you're okay with this Christa?" Gunnar asked for the millionth time.

Christa smiled and hugged her Dad.  "If it makes you happy, I'm happy, Dad. Now, go! Make her the happiest woman in Paradise Bay!"

Gunnar couldn't wait to slip the ring on Melanie's finger. 


Perhaps he shouldn't have been so hasty, he thought glumly.

"Look, I know Christa's like your daughter and everything, but I'm telling you she doesn't like me."

Gunnar paused, "She's not like my daughter, she is my daughter."

Melanie waved her hand, dismissing Gunnar's silly notion.  "You didn't see the way she looked at me!" Melanie pouted. 

"Do you want me to ask her to be nicer?" he asked, trying hard to figure out what the root of the problem was.

"No, then she'll know that I said something & she'll like me less. Don't you know anything?!"

Gunnar held his arms out & shook his head.  "I don't know what you want!"

Melanie delicately sniffed & dabbed at her eyes, which Gunnar had a sneaking suspicion were dead-dry.  "You just don't care!" she accused as she ran upstairs.

Gunnar sighed.  She'd played this game a few times already.  He was supposed to run upstairs and try to comfort her at which point he'd be allowed to seduce her into good humors.

Gunnar sat down by Melanie and sighed.  "Look, Melanie, I lov..."

Gunnar stopped mid-sentence. Did he love her?  He knew he'd loved Barbara without a doubt.  She'd been strong, supportive, caring... a perfect mate. But, Melanie? She was selfish, manipulative, & whiny. 

An image of Barbara came to him. 

Melanie was watching him, expectantly. 

Sighing, he stood.  "When you're ready to talk about this rationally, I'll be downstairs," he said sadly and he shuffled out of the room.

Gunnar still couldn't believe that he'd been on the verge of having paperwork drawn up for a divorce when Melanie had irritatedly told him that he was soon to be a real father.

Although, she had emphasized the 'real' bit.  He didn't know why she wouldn't accept Christa was his daughter, despite it all.

"I thought we would put the crib there. And the changing table there. Oh and all the furniture needs to go.  Especially that ugly painting!" Melanie droned on in Christa's old room.

Gunnar gazed at his daughter's artwork.  It was such a poignant picture.  He remembered once she had finished it & shown it to them.  He & Barbara had discussed her talent. 

"No," he surprised himself by saying, stopping her mid-sentence.  "None of this goes to Goodwill.  Theo & Christa can come pick up what they want."

Melanie rubbed her protruding belly.  "But, your baby..." she said coyly.

Gunnar had enough of the manipulation.  "The baby will have a nursery & you can decorate it however you wish... but these are Christa's things! Her memories!"

"Fine, while you're at it, give her those ugly pictures in the livingroom. Really! I hate walking in there every day!"

Gunnar sighed.  He supposed she was right.

Gunnar held on a little tighter than normal when he hugged Christa hello.  "I've always loved you.  You'll always be my first-born. Don't forget that, okay?"

A tear came to Christa's eye.  "I know Dad, geez! You're going to make me cry!"

"Barbara would be so proud of you!"

"I still miss her," Christa admitted softly.

"Me, too," he replied sadly.  "But, here are a few things to remind you of her... of us..."

After Christa left, Gunnar stared at the empty wall, wondering how many times he'd walked over to gaze at the love of his life.  Not only was his wall empty, but Gunnar felt empty as well.

"OH GOD!" Melanie screamed loudly, trying to catch Gunnar's attention.

Welcome to the world little boy, Gage!

Gunnar enjoyed the few days that he received with his son, reveling in being a father again, despite his age.  But, soon it was time to go...

Melanie took to her bed, weeping bitterly.

Not about how much she would miss Gunnar... but about what she was going to do with a child now that she was alone. 

She should've known better than to marry such an old man!

It was sad that she didn't view Gage as anything more than an inconvenience.

Knowing the mailman would be by any minute, Melanie adjusted her make-up.

"It must be hard on you to have lost him so soon," he offered his condolences. 

Melanie took the opportunity to press up against him and moan, "I just don't know what me & little Gage are going to do without him!"

Guys loved rescuing the damsel in distress & she was getting quite good at playing it...

"It's so lonely when I wake up in the middle of the night... reaching for someone to hold me..."

"I haven't had this much fun for so long.  It's so hard raising a little boy all on my own..."

"I miss the little things... the light touches... the sweet kisses... I've never felt so alone..."

 Yup, she was getting pretty good at winding them around her finger & soon she'd have her pick of the litter!

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  1. Ha ha...I love all the pics of Melanie on the prowl. It was probably a blessing Gunnar went fast.


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