May 18, 2012

Creelmans - Round 22

Jay couldn't believe how fast time seemed to fly.  It felt like such a short period of time before his little girl, Christina, was ready for her 3rd birthday.

Not to mention that Tina was pregnant with their second child!

He couldn't wait to find out if it was a boy or girl!

A beautiful blonde haired boy they named Jayden.

"Hey Dad!" Christina called as she ran over to see him.  "Can I go outside to play?"

"Make sure you get your coat on!" he called as she grabbed the jacket & shrugged it on.  As she tried to run past, he reached out to tickle her. "You can't get away that easy. I want a hello hug!"

"Oh Daddy!" Christina giggled.

Happy Birthday Jayden!

Jay could already tell this little boy was going to be a heart breaker!

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  1. Jay's such a good dad, and what pretty kids he makes with Tina.


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