May 23, 2012

Carters - Round 23

 Sonja was so happy that her sons were back from school! She'd missed them so much! 

"Where are your bags, Travis?" she asked, looking around.

Travis rubbed the back of his neck.  "Here's the thing, Mom.  I'm not moving back in!"

"What? Where will you stay?"

Travis grinned.  "With some friends."

Sonja fixed him with her mom-stare.  "Which ones?"  Sonja knew which ones were trouble. 

"Edwin, Mary & Nicole."

Sonja sighed.  Yup. Those were trouble.  All four together was going to cause problems.  "Are you sure you've thought about this, Travis?"

"Hell yeah... err..." Travis winced when he saw his Mom's eyes narrow.  Hurriedly, he corrected himself, "Yes ma'am.  We've all talked about it! It'll be fine!"

"Well, we're always here for you," Sonja said cautiously, knowing there wasn't much she could say to talk him out of his decision.   "Now where's your brother?"

 "Here I am, Mom." Trent said from behind her.

"Ah, Trent!" Sonja hugged him tight.  "How are you dear? Are you going to stay somewhere else to?"

Trent rubbed the back of his neck, as well.  Sonja's eyes narrowed.  Her boys were so easy to see through!

"Well, it's like this.  There's this girl..."

"Trent! You're not going to rush into anything, are you?"

"No! No, I mean, not right away! I'd like to stay here, get on my feet & then look for my own place..."

"Now that makes perfect sense!" Sonja said proudly.

"...with Lakishma."

Sonja frowned as Trent checked his watch. 

"In fact, I think she should be here soon! I'll be right back!"

 Trent could hardly contain his excitement when he saw Lakishma.  He'd missed her since leaving University!

 "Baby!" He said as he swept her into an embrace.  "I missed you!"

Lakishma smiled as she looped her arms around his neck.  "I've missed you, too, baby!"

 "Let's not miss each other anymore!"  Trent dropped to one knee, "Marry me!"

Lakishma fought tears of happiness! "Yes, Trent! I will!"

Trent grinned and he kissed her.  "Come on, let's go tell my Mom!"

The impromptu engagement party was interrupted by Carmen's yell from upstairs.

She held a beautiful little girl, Sasha!

Benjamin gave Alton & Carmen time to celebrate their new baby by putting Ally to bed.  Kissing her forehead, he laid her down in her big girl bed.  "Soon it'll be your birthday & you'll be going to school!"

Happy Birthday Ally!

 It was hard for Trent to wait for the perfect time for his wedding, but schedules were so hard to arrange.  Lakishma was busy with building her medical practice & he was working hard on a top-secret invention at the science labs.

Finally, a partially clear day popped up that allowed them to gather friends & family for a wedding celebration!

 The wait was worth it!
Benjamin hugged his son & wiped a tear from his eye.  "I wanted you to know how proud I am of you.  You're going to make a wonderful husband & father."

Trent hugged his Dad back.  "If I am, it's because I learned it from you!"

 Benjamin pounded Trent heartily on the back.  "Come on, I heard your Mother say she was going to grab a bottle of bubbly.  Let's go toast to your future!"

Trent turned around.  "Carmen, are you and Ally coming?"

Carmen glanced up from dancing with her daughter.  "We'll be right there, Trent!" 

Ally giggled again.  "Uncle Trent got married Mama! Uncle Trent got married!"

"Yes he did, sweetheart!"

"I can't wait to get married.  Can I wear your dress Mama!"

"I would love it if you wore my wedding dress, sweetheart!  Now, let's go toast to Uncle Trent & Aunt Lakishma!"

Ally giggled again.  "Aunt Lakishma!"

After the congratulations & the cake cutting, the party finally died down. Trent & Lakishma loaded their belongings into the moving van.  Trent had found a good deal on a townhouse.  It would be the perfect space for them to settle down!

 Grandma Sonja picked up Sasha from her toys & snuggled her.  "It's time for bed, Sasha."

"No bed!" Sasha cried. "No bed!"

Sonja smiled.  "What if I read you a story first, about princesses?"

"Yay! Princess! Princess!"

Sonja settled down next to Sasha and began her story, "Once upon a time..."

Carmen listened to her mother-in-law tell Sasha a story & smiled.  Rubbing her belly, she felt so lucky they had such an amazing family. 

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