May 14, 2012

Carters - Round 22

Carmen finished unloading her bags from the back of the truck.  She still thought it was a little weird to be moving into Alton's place with his parents still there... but he said the place was big enough for all of them. 

She'd been completely shocked when he'd dropped to one knee and pulled out a ring from his pocket.

"Of course!" she'd cried as she ran to hug him. 

Alton's mom, Sonja, helped her pull together a beautiful wedding.

"Thank you Mrs. Bradshaw, it was all beautiful!" Carmen said as they enjoyed their reception. 

Sonja hugged her daughter-in-law, "I'm so glad.  And call me Mom. Mrs. Bradshaw makes me feel so old!"

Carmen smiled.  "You're not a day over 30, are you?"

"Bless your heart, dear!" Sonja laughed.  "I could get used to hearing that!"

Life fell into routine until one day Carmen realized she'd missed her period for quite awhile...

Alton had been overjoyed to welcome Ally Carter to the family.  "A little girl," he'd gushed.  "I hope she looks just as beautiful as you!"

Sonja smiled.  "Say bye-bye," she cooed and waved.  "Mommy has to go to work!"

And Mommy had to hit the gym!  Carmen worked hard to get rid of the extra baby fat that she hadn't been able to lose after Ally's birth.  She wanted to be in the peak physical shape for work!

Alton seemed to appreciate her efforts...

He told her that he especially liked it when she practiced yoga...

For some reason it seemed to turn him on...

Benjamin cuddled his granddaughter and smiled.  It felt so good to hold another little baby in his arms. Although she wouldn't stay a baby for long!

Sonja gazed around the room and smiled at all her old friends.  Sarah McMillan had made it, as well as Ross and Chelsea Carter, Veronica Carter, Chance McMillan, Edward Carpenter & Quinn Landry.  It was so nice to have remained friends all these years...

Happy birthday Ally!

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