May 21, 2012

Carters (9) - Round 22

Happy birthday Savannah & Fernando!

Savannah & Fernando immediately began playing together.  They were as close as twins could get!

Welcome to the world little Angelina!

It wasn't long before Gretchen found herself pregnant again.  She worried how she would be able to handle all the children!

Especially now that Angelina was getting into everything!

Welcome to the world Esmerelda & Fernando!  (Darn the twin gene!)

Gretchen sighed.  The nursery was certainly filling up.  They might need a bigger place soon! She wondered if they could afford it!

And with three children under 3, it seemed that there was always a dirty diaper to change...

...or a dirty bottle to put away!

Savannah & Alejandro seemed to handle it well though.  Gretchen tried to make sure they all ate dinner together every night, although sometimes that just wasn't possible.

It was going to be one of those mornings, Gretchen thought as she hovered over the toilet.  Alejandro had just run in yelling that Heron had chased a skunk & smelled and she knew Savannah was still upstairs trying to decide what the wear.  Oh God, I'm going to hurl again, she thought sourly.

Oh no!

Not again!

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