May 20, 2012

Carters (7) - Round 22

If someone had glanced at him, they would have thought Kent was reading the paper.  He looked so serious & intent.  But, really, he was thinking about how he felt like the only bachelor left in Paradise Bay!  He longed to find someone to share his life with, but it just felt like there wasn't anyone out there for him!

He might've been a little testy & on edge, he thought, rolling his eyes when he remembered lecturing his Dad about tuning the damn piano. 

Or when he admonished Trevor because he'd caught him sneaking out again.  That kid was going to flunk out of school if he wasn't careful!

But he wanted a love like his parents had! Something that stood the test of time...

And then he met her...  He wasn't able to make it across the crowded room to introduce himself before all the guests had taken their leave.  But, he knew in his heart that she was the one for him.

Racing after her, he stared at her retreating form, vowing to find out who she was & see her again.

Multiple phone calls later & a few jokes at his expense and he had her name:

Elise Love!

"Thanks for agreeing to see me," Kent said over dinner.  He'd immediately called Elise every night since he first saw her, talking until the wee hours in the morning.  They'd realized they had so much in common! 

Elise laughed.  "Well, I'm glad you did! I'd kind of hoped to talk to you at your party, but it seemed you were always talking to someone else."

Kent groaned, "I wish I'd known! I wasted all night working up the nerve to talk to you sooner!"

Elise smiled & reached for his hand.  "That's okay.  You have me now..."

"About that," Kent said, rolling to a sitting position.  "I... I wanted to know if you would.. be my wife..."

"YES!" Elise cried.

Trevor checked out Elise's rack at breakfast the next morning.  "So I guess we all know what you guys did last night," Trevor joked.

Anthony glared at his youngest.  "Trevor! That is no way to speak! Apologize this minute!"

"I was just saying what everyone else was thinking!"

Kent kicked his brother under the table.  "Shut up.  That's my fiancee you're talking to!"

Trevor raised his eyebrows.  "Wow, that was quick. I'm sorry.  I just thought.. you know... that you guys were hooking up."

Kent rolled his eyes.  "Shut. Up."

Anthony stood up abruptly.  "I think it's time Trevor & I had a little chat, excuse us."

Elise thought it was a beautiful wedding full of friends, family & laughter.  She couldn't believe she'd been lucky enough to find Kent!

And she was even more excited to be carrying the next generation!

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  1. Seems like a sweet union. Sounds like he really had to do his homework to get her!


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