May 19, 2012

Carters (6) - Round 22

Putting Alexander in the crib and running to get dressed, Gloria cursed.  Who the hell was ringing the doorbell this late at night anyway?

Hurrying to the door, she couldn't help but feel there was something wrong.  Maybe it was Marissa...

"MITCH?" she asked dumbfounded.  "What are you doing here?"

"What? Don't I get a hug?" he teased as he wrapped his arms around her.  "I heard that your Dad had passed away, so I came to see if you needed anything."

"My DAD?" she asked, confused.  "Oh! JJ! No, he wasn't my Dad. He was... he was just my stepdad."

Mitch's eyebrow raised.  "Just your stepdad? Well good thing he was just your stepdad.  Otherwise you might need to be comforted," he responded dryly. 

Gloria smiled. "Okay, that came out wrong.  We'd just had our differences.. and... but, thanks.  I actually do kind of miss him."

Mitch opened his mouth to tease Gloria again when he heard something.

"Did you leave the tv on?" he asked.

Gloria immediately looked guilty & distracted. "Umm... no... I have to go..."  She turned to hurry inside.

Mitch cocked his head to one side.  "Is that a... baby?"

He watched Gloria's back stiffen.  As she turned to block the door, he noticed her face had turned pale.

"Oh my God!" Mitch said as he pushed past.

Running to the sound, he saw a little baby squirming on the floor.  Gently picking the child up and laying it in the crib, he turned on Gloria.

"You left him on the floor?" he accused in a whisper. 

"Well, the door was ringing."

"Are you kidding? Is it that important to answer the door that you can't put the baby IN THE CRIB?!" The last bit was yelled in incredulity.


"Is he mine?" Mitch asked. 

"Look, I don't have time to discuss this.  I have to go work a shift. If you're still here when I get back, we can discuss it then."  Gloria walked out without a glance back.

"Oh, I'll be here!" Mitch promised.

Going back in the room, he picked up the baby.  "I've got you, kiddo," he said as he rocked the tyke.

After managing to get the baby to sleep, Mitch sat down in the living room chair and waited.  He didn't care if he was waiting 5 minutes or 5 hours. He was getting to the bottom of this!

Gloria walked in, exhausted & tried to stop from groaning out loud when she saw Mitch in her livingroom.  "I thought you would've left," she said tiredly as she approached him.

"You thought I would leave when that child in there is mine?"

"Could be," Gloria said.

"Could be?" he repeated dumbly.  "You mean..."

Gloria attempted to act nonchalant by shrugging.  "We weren't in a relationship. So, you're free to go.  I don't want anything from anyone!"

"Are you kidding me?" he asked as she walked away.

"Hey! What about what I want?" he demanded.

Gloria scoffed. "Oh, and what do you want? To change the baby's diapers & wake up every 2 hours to feed him?"

Looping his arm around her waist, he pulled her closer to him.  "Maybe that's exactly what I want."

"If that's my child in there, I'm going to be here. I'm going to be a part of your life."

Feeling swept away with the moment, Gloria almost swooned when he kissed her firmly.  She didn't Mitch had it in him!  Impressive!

A few weeks later...

Gloria was not impressed. 

Mitch had seemed to infiltrate every fiber of her life!  He helped with Alexander. He was staying here until the DNA results were returned.  Every time she turned around, she bumped into him.  She'd try to get him to stay at a motel until everything was worked out, but he'd just scoffed and gone to feed Alexander a bottle.

Truth be told, she thought with a smile, he was starting to grow on her.

"Okay. Yes. I understand. Thank you," Mitch replied after answering the call from the lab.  "I appreciate it."

Gloria waited, scared that they would say Alexander wasn't Mitch's kid & then Mitch would go away.

He turned to face her. She searched his face, trying to guess the answer.  Frustrated, she stomped her foot.  "Well? Is he or isn't he?"

Relief flooded through her when he cracked a big grin and scooped her up in a hug.  "He's mine! I have a son!" he shouted to the ceiling, laughing.  "I have a son!"

Gloria felt giddy with relief and laughed along with Mitch. 

They might've gotten carried away celebrating though...


Mitch gazed at his son & was amazed to see so much of himself gazing back at him.  He'd always known in his heart that this was his son & had always been so thankful he'd been able to railroad Gloria into letting him into their life. 

He had always loved Gloria.  She was so fiercely independent, loyal to a fault & quick to defend someone.  But, she went through life thinking she didn't need anyone or anything.

How was he supposed to convince her to need him?


  1. Aw, just the opposite of Kurt's dad, here's a guy that does it right. Hope Gloria lets him.

    1. I loooooove Mitch! And I had to go download toddler glasses for little Alexander. So cute!


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