May 15, 2012

Carters (5) - Round 22

Daniel didn't think it was possible to love someone as much as he loved Gloria.  Sure, he knew she wasn't faithful to him - but that was because they weren't in a committed relationship.  He'd heard the stories about how Dad's family had been worried his Mom wouldn't be faithful.  But, once she'd settled down & had them, she'd never looked twice at another man.

Dropping to one knee in front of all their friends, Danny pulled the ring out of his pocket.

Taking a deep breath, he asked, "Gloria, make me the happiest man in Paradise Bay!"

Gloria looked at him & looked around the room.  "Danny, no... I can't! Get up! What are you crazy?"

Danny felt poleaxed.  "But... but... I love you, Gloria!"

Gloria groaned.  "I know you think you love me, but we don't want the same things! And I have a kid now!"

"I know! And I'll raise your son as though he was my own! I want us to be a family!"

Gloria glared.  "Danny, stop making a scene! No!" 

Even though a few people stayed to chat & dance, the party was over for Daniel.  He went upstairs to the master bedroom and laid in the bed staring at the ceiling.  He'd never expected that to go so horrible wrong!

Hopefully Mom never found out. She'd never liked Gloria anyways.

Danny got his wish.  Veronica never found out that Gloria had jilted Daniel in front of all their friends.  She came home from work & passed away on her way to the shower.

"I came as soon as I heard," Roxanne cried as she hugged her brother, sobbing.  "I should quit school and come home."

Daniel hugged his sister.  "No, that's not what Mom would want.  Finish our your last few years.  Make her proud."

Roxanne sucked in gulps of air as she tried to stop crying.

"She's been like this all afternoon," Jane offered helpfully.  Daniel glanced over.  "Thanks, Jane.  Do you think you could call Riley & have him come over.  I bet he'll be able to help her calm down."  Tenderly, he led his sister inside to lay on the couch, then walked back out to Jane.

She was just snapping her phone shut.  "Riley's on his way. He'll be here in 15 minutes."

"Thanks. I appreciate it."

Jane looked Danny up and down.  "And how are you doing?"

Danny shrugged. "I'm okay."

"Really okay or just saying you're okay?"

Danny sighed.  "I don't know.  Probably just saying I'm okay."

Jane wrapped her arms around Danny and hugged him tight.  "It'll be okay.  I can't even imagine how you feel!"

Danny just stood there, enjoying the feel of Jane in his arms.  The feel of being comforted.  "It was hard enough after Dad died... but now Mom's gone, too."

Hearing the car door slam, Danny jolted out of Jane's arms and looked over at Riley.  "She's inside," he said, motioning towards the door. 

Riley bundled Roxanne up & took her to his place to watch over her.  "I'll give you a call & let you know how she's doing," Riley promised.

Danny looked over awkwardly towards Jane.  "I guess it's just you and me, then."

"It doesn't have to be awkward, Danny.  We're still friends, aren't we?"

Danny gave a half-smile. "Yeah, we're still friends."

"Even if you were an idiot & threw me over for Gloria who threw you over for who knows who!" Jane couldn't resist adding. 

"You don't have to stay, you know?"

Jane glanced back at him.  "I know. But I want to stay.  So, come on, let's watch a show."

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  1. Wow, Danny can NOT get a break! BAD week for him. Hope he has better luck next round...


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