May 24, 2012

Carters 2 - Round 23

Love was in the air...
Melvin hadn't been able to wait to arrange his wedding with Jackie Bertino.  It felt like he'd been away from her for forever when he was off in college.  Now he couldn't wait to be with her again!

(It looked like Dawn Hart & Jennings Carter couldn't keep their hands off each other!)

Melvin slipped his ring on Jackie's finger.  It was real now! They were married! 

Gathering her in his arms, he danced around the patio with her.  "I love you, Jackie," he said softly as he nuzzle her neck.

Jackie sighed and wrapped her arms around his neck.  "I love you, too, Melvin."

Danny (Carters 5) had known he was likely to see Jane when he came to her brother's wedding, but he wasn't prepared for how he felt when he saw her standing there in front of him.

"You.. you look beautiful," he managed to stammer.  He'd never seen her look more beautiful.  After his Mom had died, she'd come over every day to sit with him and talk to him.  But, he'd never felt this when she'd been over.  He wasn't even sure he'd felt like this with Gloria!   Glancing up, he saw that Jane was talking to him.   "What?" he asked.

Jane smiled.  "Thanks.  You look pretty handsome yourself." she said, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.

Danny jerked back when he felt her lips on his cheek. 

Jane blushed.  Mumbling, she turned away to leave.  She could feel tears building in her eyes.  She'd just leaned forward to give him a kiss and she could tell he didn't like it.  It was over, she thought sadly.  He didn't love her.

She was surprised when she felt Danny's pull her into his arms.  With such a serious expression, he grabbed her hand.  "We need to talk.  Can we get out of her?"

Filled with anticipation, Jane wordlessly nodded as Danny led her out to his car.


"Well I would say our wedding was a success, Mrs. Carter," Melvin told Jackie. 

"I would say that you're right, Mr. Carter," she teased him.  "Now quit talking!"

Late that night, Jackie felt uncomfortable in every position she was sleeping in.  Feeling tired and frustrated, she headed to the bathroom to soak in the tub.  

"Melvin!" she cried.  "Come quick!"

Welcome to the world little Melinda!

"Isn't she beautiful, Ross?" Chelsea grinned as she cuddled her granddaughter.  "She looks just like Melvin, doesn't she?"

Ross waved at Melinda.  "She certainly is the loveliest little girl!"

Chelsea grinned up at her husband. 

Chelsea tried not to be bothered by her son's new wife.  But, it seemed like Jackie spent most of her time planning parties & not enough time taking care of her husband or child.

Not to mention sleeping in, like she did!

"Ross, I'm concerned about Melvin," Chelsea whispered.

"What's wrong?"

"Well, it's not him. It's Jackie.  We won't be around forever and I just worry that Melinda won't be well taken care of after we're gone."

Ross patted Chelsea's hand.  "They're young! They'll get the hang out it!"

Chelsea frowned.  She wasn't so sure about that.

It seemed that all the love and attention little Melinda got was from either herself or Ross!  It's not that she thought Melvin & Jackie didn't love Melinda.  They just seemed to think they didn't have to be parents.

And the real person who was going to suffer would be Melinda!

Jackie rolled over & glanced at her alarm.  "Why is the alarm going off?" she asked sleepily as she hit the off button.

Melvin pulled her closer.  "Don't out of bed," he mumbled as he wrapped his arms around her. 

Within seconds they'd both fallen back asleep.

Melinda pulled out some the frozen waffles as popped them in the toaster.  Kicking her legs back and forth in the chair as she ate, she hummed.  Today was her first day of school!

Hearing the bus honk, she ran out the front door & went up the steps. 

She was a big girl now!


Jackie woke up hours later, feeling fully refreshed and stretching as she swung her legs over the side of the bed. Frowning, she glanced at Melvin.  There was something she was forgetting. Something important.

"First day of school!" she yelled as she jumped out of bed.  "Melvin! It's Melinda's first day of school!  Get up!"

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