May 14, 2012

Carters (2) - Round 22

Jennings was so excited.  It was time for him to go to Freshmen Orientation at Sim State Uni.  Mom & Dad had called Melvin & Jane home for lunch & then they were going to take him to tour the campus.  Maybe since he'd be with them, all the other kids would think he was cool!

And maybe he'd see Roxanne there!

Chelsea hugged her oldest son tight.  "It's so good to see you!" she said happily.  "It's been too long!"

"Hey Dad," Jane kissed his cheek.  "How's the train set?"

"Is it time to go yet?" Jennings asked anxiously.

"Not yet, let me enjoy having the family altogether first.  I made some chili con carne.  Now everyone, sit! sit!" Chelsea said as her family gathered around the table.  "Now tell us all about college!"

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