May 15, 2012

Carpenters - Round 22

Zane couldn't wait to tell Willow about his promotion.  The security firm he worked with said that they would offer a scholarship since he'd been such a good worker.

"I'm so proud of you!" Willow said as she hugged him.  "This is so exciting!"

Zane smiled.  "I know! I can't wait to go to college!  What about you?  You're coming, right?"

Willow grinned.  "I'll go wherever you're going!"

Marshall chopped at the bushes, pretending not to be watching Zane and Willow.  Teens at that age needed plenty of supervision.  He'd dropped the ball with Edwin, but was determined to a better job with his two youngest kids.

Walking in to kiss Emma's forehead as she slept, he wondered what she would be like as a teen. 

 Emma splashed around in the puddle, bored out of her mind.  There wasn't anything fun to do around here this afternoon! None of her friends were available & Zane was busy with his girlfriend.  Too bad I don't have a boyfriend, she thought sadly.

Wait!  I know! she thought happily.  She could find a date through the matchmaker!

And she wasn't let down...

Jeff was amazing!

She could totally see herself with him 50 years in the future, celebrating their Golden Anniversary!


  1. Aww, Emma found love really quick! She looks great as a teen!

  2. Lovely pretty boy she got! Good luck in love!


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