May 21, 2012

Carpenters (3) - Round 22

"Mom! Dad!" Rusty hugged his parents after they got home.  (This was the first double-hug I ever saw! He queued up the action to hug his Mom & then ran over & hugged his Dad!)  "I taught Ethan & Noah their nursery rhymes! Come on, come listen!"

(Cute pic of Ethan & Noah)

Rusty laughed as Sheldon grabbed him up in a Big Foot Hug.  "Come on Sheldon! Let me go! I want to show Mom & Dad!"

Sheldon just laughed his deep laugh and let Rusty scamper away.

"Let's hear it," Opal said as she sat down with the twins. 

Smiling, they listened to the boys sing Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

Happy Birthday Opal!

and Noah & Ethan! 

Noah & Ethan were immediately up to no good, running upstairs to have a pillow fight & pouncing on each other.

Rusty walked in & watched his younger brothers rough house, longing to be a part of it.  He wondered if they'd let him play, too.

He needn't have worried.  They were fast friends & took turns talking & playing with each other!

Something Opal had said on her birthday made Russell think about his health.  He wanted to be around when they were old and in their 90s! But, to do that, Russell knew he had to lose alittle weight!

After numerous workouts, he'd finally achieved the results he wanted!

Now he just needed to get his boys in shape!  He knew it was important to start early!

(Really? A kid wants a hot tub? For what?!)

Happy birthday Rusty!!

Rusty couldn't wait to fall in love.  His mom said he could date & that's just what he was going to do!

He was totally crushing on Julianna Hart!

She was perfect! Smart, kind, & daring! She didn't care what other people thought & didn't think twice to let you know what she wanted!

And she was a good kisser!

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