May 21, 2012

Cameron - Round 22

Vamsi had done her part.  She'd gotten rid of Dierk & she knew Roberto couldn't be happier.  And what made Roberto happy - made Vamsi happy!

Especially when she was marrying money!

It was so liberating being free of the little brat!  She could have adult fun without worrying about where he was or what he was getting into!

And she definitely didn't need to worry about intimate moments being interrupted!

A perfect wedding...

...and a perfect business arrangement.

Vamsi and Roberto returned home to a ringing phone.  "Hello?" she answered sultrily. 

Hearing the voice on the other end, she rolled her eyes.  "Oh, it's you. What do you want?"

Roberto stood behind her and mouthed, "Is it him?" anxiously.

Furiously, she waved him off.

"Yes, I had my attorneys call you because I realized that you tricked me out of any visitation with my son!"

Listening to the tirade on the other end of the phone, she examined her nails.  She'd need a manicure soon.

"That's preposterous! Of course I love my son! Have dare you insinuate otherwise!  My attorneys are drafting a proposal to the judge that I get partial visitation."  Grinning, she heard Marissa in the background yelling.

"Tsk. Tsk. What would the judge say about that explosive temper of your wife's? I worry about my son in your care!"

She heard him sigh on the other end of the line.

"How much? This isn't about money! It's about my son!" Vamsi argued.  "Well, we'll let the attorneys argue that.  But, I know that Dierk misses me so much & would hate to hear that you practically threw money at me to keep me away!"

A click & then dial tone greeted her last sentence.

Turning towards Roberto, she smiled.

"Do you think he took the bait?" Roberto asked.

"Of course! He doesn't care if I'll actually request custody. He doesn't want his son anywhere near me!"

"What a push-over!" Roberto laughed.  "God, Vamsi, what did you ever see in him?!"

Vamsi playfully smacked Roberto's shoulder.  "Watch it!"

"Well, hopefully within a week we'll be $50,000 richer!"

"I'll toast to that!" she giggled.

"That kid was nothing but a nuisance, but he certainly has been a cash cow for us!  Thank God he's gone though! Kids are annoying!"

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