May 21, 2012

Becketts - Round 22

Anthony finished up lunch & glanced around his house.  He & Michelle were barely scraping by, but they were happy & in love - that's all that mattered to him.

He couldn't help but wish he made more to give his children though.

Especially after finding out there would soon be another mouth to feed...

At least Tony was old enough to start helping around the house, though!

Michelle sighed as the throng of people laughed and danced in the other room.  "Did we really need to throw another party?" she asked quietly.

"Come on, Michelle. It's good for my job. It'll help me get promoted!"

"I know, I just... sometimes I wish we had more alone time.."

"I promise we'll get some before the baby's born!"

But apparently he forgot his promise.

Because soon little Mindy was born & Anthony was still throwing work parties.

Michelle just worried that it would be bad for the kids.

Especially when they were told to stay in their rooms as the parties raged on...

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