May 15, 2012

Bears - Round 22

Randy nervously practiced his speech before his first day.  He was officially taking over Paradise Bay High School.  What if the kids didn't listen to him?  What if the whole place burned down now that Dad was gone?  Why had he ever thought he was qualified to do this?

Katy could see the worry & indecision stamped across Randy's face.  Grabbing him in a big hug, she kissed his face.  "You're going to do wonderful, just like everything you do!"

Randy smiled and kissed his wife back.  "Thanks Katy.  I needed that!  Wish me luck!" he said as he kissed her cheek & straightened his tie.

"Break a leg," she teased as he hurried from the room.

"Come on Irving! Time for school!" Randy knocked on Irving's door to hurry him along.  "Do you need help tying your shoe laces?"

"No, Dad. I can do it myself!" Irving said determinedly as he tried to form the loops just right for the fifth time.

Randy tried not to tap his foot.  "Are you sure you don't need help?"  Randy glanced at his watch.

"I want to do it Dad!"

Randy sighed. Hopefully this wasn't a sign of how his day would go!

Whew! Home at last, Randy thought.  School had gone well and now it was family time!

Happy birthday Nelson!

Irving loved his little brother & the feeling seemed mutual.  "Face" Nelson said as he stroked Irving's cheek. 

"That's right, where's my nose?" Irving asked as Nelson poked his nose.

"Where are my eyes?" he started to ask.  "Ow! Mom! Nelson poked me in the eye!"

"Eye! Eye!" Nelson cheered happily.

Roxanne came back for the weekend to spend more time with Riley.  She couldn't wait to finish graduation and move in with him full-time.  He'd been so supportive after her Mom died.  She just couldn't imagine life without him. 

Clearing his throat & shaking Roxanne out of her reverie, Riley reached for her hand.  "There's something I want to talk to you about," he began nervously.

"I love you more than I ever thought.  And I was hoping that you might... you know... marry me?"

Riley breathed a sigh of relief as Roxanne grabbed the box & slipped it on her finger.  "I can't wait!"


Katy laid in bed & worried about her ability to reach the top of her career.  She was torn because of her love of family... but also her love of her job.  Being in law enforcement enabled her to keep the streets clean for her children.  

But she wasn't able to do that when she was stuck at home on bedrest.

And pregnancy made it harder to be a mom in other ways.  "Way to go! Good grades!" she cheered tiredly.  

Even picking up Nelson was getting more difficult.  The doctor said not to pick up anything weighing more than 10 pounds.  Like that was possible with a little tyke running around the house!

Thankfully, pregnancy's don't last forever!

She cradled little Kay in her arms.

"Can I see the baby, Mom? Can I? Can I?" Nelson asked, jumping up in front of her. 

"Shh... not right now sweetheart.  Kay is sleeping." Katy said quietly.  "Go play quietly with Irving," she said as she went to put Kay to sleep.

"Stick 'em up!" Nelson cried as he raced around, pretend-shooting Irving.

"Missed me!" Irving teased as he ran around the room, narrowly avoiding the heat-seeking invisible bullets.

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  1. Balancing work and home. Always a tough one.


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