May 24, 2012

Russells - Round 23

Stephanie & Hilary hopped on their parents bed, bored after coming home from school.  "There's gotta be something to do," Stephanie complained.

Bouncing off, they ran in search of something more fun.  Stephanie found the ballet bar & Hilary played with the telescope.

"Oh man, Stephanie, you're never going to believe this!" she said, excitedly.  "Uncle Gary's not weird looking anymore! He looks old!"

"I guess everyone changes," she said nostagically.  "I mean we're already for highschool, you know?"  Turning around, she noticed that Stephanie wasn't around anymore.  Sighing, she went to find her sister.

She found her parents laughing in the livingroom.  "Come on, dance with me Rebeka," he teased as he danced in front of her.

Rebeka swatted at Lance's hands.  "No! You're being silly," she laughed.

"I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt..." he sang as he played with his shirt buttons.

"Ew!" Hilary groaned.  "That's gross Dad!"

Laughing, Lance stopped and pointed to his wife, Rebeka.  "I'll stop if she dances with me."

"Fine! If I must!"  Pretending to be put upon, Rebeka began to dance with Lance.  Hilary joined in.

Soon the whole family was gathered in the livingroom, joking and laughing.  Leland stared at them, thinking about what a weird family he'd been born into.

(After a haircut!)
(And a house upgrade.  This lot is really small, but I think I made it work for me!  I used the basic floorplan of a house I loved by ekrubynaffit at MTS)

The next day Vaughn Potter came home with Stephanie.  Hilary rolled her eyes at how obvious Stephanie was being!  There was no way Vaughn was going to fall for it!

But apparently Vaughn liked her just as much as she liked him.  (He autonomously flirted with her! Yay! I love that!)

Stephanie couldn't believe he'd kissed her! Touching her fingers to her lips, she thought that she would remember this moment for the rest of her life!

Harts - 23

Gayle ran outside to greet her parents.  "Daddy!" she said happily.  "Dance with me!" 

Marylena looked on as Frankie danced with his daughter on his toes.  She felt such love well up in here.  Her husband was such a wonderful man!

"Gayle, it's time to go play.  Mommy needs to talk to Daddy."

Gayle grumbled as she ran inside.

Frankie lifted an eyebrow.  "What did we need to talk...."

Marylena stopped him mid-sentence.

Gayle had run inside and bugged her brother Parker while he was talking to his friends.  She didn't know why he was acting like he was too cool for her! 

"I know who he has a crush on!" Gayle teased.

Parker glared.  "Quit it, Gayle!"

Dierk took pity on Gayle. After all, she was one of his sister's friends.  "Come on Gayle, I'll go swing you outside for alittle bit."  Dierk led her outside with Gayle smirking the whole way.

Marylena's pregnancy surprised her.  No wonder I wasn't feeling well this week! she thought.  She'd been tired & hungry all day!  Now she knew!

Ashlee was happy that Frankie and Marylena let her stay here.  She probably should've moved in with Matt & Theo when they got their own place, but she was set in her ways.  Besides, this is where her husband was buried.  She couldn't leave here! 

"Aunt Ashlee, I wouldn't dream of you going!" Frankie had said when she mentioned her concerns.  "You're like a second Mom to me! You helped raise me!"

Ashlee was touched.  She loved Freddie & Frankie like they were her own, too.   And all of their children as though they were her grandchildren.

And little Chandler! That little boy was so cute!  It made her remember when her children were young.  Her late husband had absolutely loved being a Dad!

(Just another cute photo of Chandler!)

Soon it was time Ashlee to join her husband in the afterlife.  Freddie was heartbroken.  He'd meant it when he said she was like a second Mom to him.  He wept bitterly as they decorated her graveside.

Soon, thoughts of death turns to thoughts of life as Marylena delivered their 4th child, little boy Hunter.

Happy Birthday Gayle!

Happy Birthday Chandler!

Gayle had seen Dierk wander in the garage to play on their DJ booth.  Grinning, she headed after him. 
Walking straight up to him, she kissed him.

"Gayle!" he'd said, shocked.  "What are you doing?!"

Gayle grinned as she trailed a finger down his shirt.  "I just thought I'd thank you for being such a great friend."

"Gayle! That's not how you thank someone! They'll get the wrong idea!"

"Oooo.... what ideas are you getting?"

Dierk was flabbergasted!  She was like his kid sister! "This is wrong!" he said, sputtering.

Looping her arms around his neck, Gayle leaned forward until her lips were almost against his.  "Does that mean I shouldn't kiss you like this?"

She took his silence as her answer and made out with him.

Parker had been enjoying the party & then stopped abruptly when he saw Cecelie holding his little brother, Hunter.  The sight of her holding a baby made his breath catch in his throat.  She looked so beautiful.  He couldn't wait until they grew up & had a baby of their own!

Sitting on the floor with Hunter between them, they talked all night long about life, love & marriage.

Parker didn't know about her, but he couldn't imagine himself with anyone else!

Gayle was loving being a teenager!  Finally Parker's friends didn't look at her like a little pest, but as someone they needed to get to know!

Especially the boys!

And she got such a thrill sashaying for any cute guys that walked through the door, no matter how old they were!
(Family dinner at the table!  Gayle looks so much like her mother, but with alittle bit softer features, I think!)
Happy Birthday Hunter!

Happy Birthday Frankie!

Downies - Round 23

Something was wrong, Camilla thought sadly as she gazed as the gallery.  Ever since her father died, she'd been feeling... well... she didn't know the best way to describe it.   Sad? Irritated? Bored!

If she were honest, she would admit that she was bored!

Lost in thought, a plan started to form...

Camilla eyed her oldest daughter and chose her words carefully.  "Honey, you know that your father and I... well... we're different."

"Uh, yeah. I kind of noticed that when I was young, Mom!" Olivia laughed.

"When I was your age, my Mother changed me.  I didn't have a choice.  At first I was mad, but I came to love the feeling.  If you're interested... I could do the same for you."

"You mean? Turn me into a vampire?" Olivia asked, her interest piqued.  "How would it work?"

Camilla shook her head as she came closer.  "I don't think I can describe it.  But, I can show you.  But, I want you to understand that this isn't something you should take lightly.  My mother turned me in hopes of turning me into something evil.  If I turn you, I want it to be because you want it & you'll recognize the power that you would have."

Olivia hardly heard her Mom as she daydreamed about what it would be like to be like her parents! She'd often wondered if it was hereditary & had eagerly watched her older brother, Quentin, to see if he changed.   And now here was her chance!

"I'll do it!" she said, jumping up.  "I'll do it! Right now!"

Camilla started to wave her hands & got a look of intense concentration.

Olivia began to have a few doubts.  "Will it hurt?" she asked weakly before she began feeling strangely detached.

"It shouldn't," Camilla whispered before biting her daughter's neck.

 Olivia felt the transformation begin immediately.

 It was like all of her senses were heightened!  "Wow! This is amazing!" she whispered in awe.  "How do I look?!"

Olivia started to rush towards a mirror to check herself out, but stopped abruptly.  "I'm not going to be to able to see myself, am I?" she asked.

Camilla shook her head.  "No, I'm sorry."

Olivia blew out a breathe.  "Wow. Weird!" This would definitely take some getting used to!


Gary could feel Camilla's impatience as though physical waves were beating at him.  Truth be told, he was feeling it, too.  Maybe they'd gone as far as they could as a couple.  There was no spark between them anymore.

They hardly talked at all, let alone touch.  The thought of an eternity of stilted conversation was not his idea of fun!

 But what were they going to do? They couldn't keep on going like this!

As morning light began to stream into the room, Camilla & Gary quietly headed into their chamber. 

But, before he was able to climb into his coffin, Camilla put her hand on his arm, stopping him.

"I have something," she said cryptically.  "I've sensed a sadness in you."

Gary shrugged.

Camilla grabbed his hands.  "Tell me," she said urgently.  "I need to know!"

Gary sighed.  "It's not you. Not really... It's us! It's doing the same thing day in and day out & the thought of doing it forever makes me sick!"

"What if we didn't have to do it forever?"

Gary looked at her suspiciously.  "What do you mean?"

Pulling two vials out of her pocket, she slowly held one out.  "What if we could live during the day again?"

Gary was stunned.  Did she mean... did she want to be human?

"Let's do it together!  It will be another adventure!"

Decision made, Gary lifted his vial up in the air towards Camilla.  "Cheers! To our new adventure!"

Camilla grinned and clinked vials with him.

 Cautiously they sipped the potion.

 Immediately, their bodies began to transform.

Camilla gazed into her husband's eyes as she stroked his cheek.  Gary cupped her cheek in his hand and stared in awe.  He'd never seen Camilla like this - full of color... alive!  It was like an entirely different person was standing in front of him!

Suddenly, Camilla's eyes widened.  "Do you feel that too?" she asked worriedly.

Gary could only nod.  "Do you think something's wrong?"

"I don't know!" she exclaimed.

"Your hair! It's white!" Gary told her.

Camilla gazed down at her hands.  "I'm wrinkly! What's happening?"

Gary bit his lip.  "It seems that we've become our true age!"

Camilla frowned.  She hadn't thought about growing old.  She'd just wanted to live in the light again!  Her stomach growled, catching her off guard.

Gary wrapped his arm around his wife.  "Come on, let's go raid the fridge!"

Isaballa was painting in the garage when the secret entryway to her parent's chamber cracked open.  Startled, she looked up.  "Mom? Dad?!" she whispered when she saw them emerge.  "What happened?!"

Camilla whisked by and Isabella stood by, shocked.

Gary noticed Isabella's fear & patted her arm.  "It's okay. It's us.  Come, have dinner with us & we'll explain."

"But... but..."

Gary held Isabella's hand and led her out of the garage. 

That night, Gary and Camilla went up the stairs, hand in hand to lay in bed.   It had been many years since they had even stepped into this room together.  Somehow even though there were years between them now, it felt as though no time had passed at all.

Sleepily, they fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next morning, Gary & Camilla stood outside, soaking in the morning light.  "It feels different than I remember," Camilla said with wonderment.  "I haven't felt the sun's rays since I was a teenager!"

Gary turned to look at his wife. "Do you regret it?"

Reaching out she squeezed his hand. "Not in the least!"  Turning her face up to the sun, she smiled.  "In fact, I'm actually happy!"

Laughing, she threw herself into Gary's arms and hugged him tightly.  This was exactly what they had needed!