April 3, 2012

Tans - Round 20

"It's true, isn't it? That kid is mine?" Curtis accused after putting Kurt on the ground.  "For God's sake, you named him KURT! It's like you wanted Quinn to find out!"

Jenny looked at the ground.

"Look at me! What do you have to say for yourself?"

Jenny looked up.  "Nothing! Okay?! I didn't ask you for anything! I know you don't want him! What do you care? We had some fun & now it's over!"

Curtis glared, "This is far, FAR from over.  In fact, if you don't want Quinn to know the truth, I think we're going to have to work out some sort of fair trade."


Curtis shrugged. "Consider it child support.  I'll keep your child a secret if you provide me with support!" Curtis laughed at how clever he thought he was.  "What'll it be?"


"Suit yourself! I'm going to wait for just the right moment to tell Quinn. You'll never know when it's coming," Curtis grinned.  "I'll let myself out."

Jenny stood rooted in her place, shocked to her core.

Curtis was right.  She must have wanted Quinn to know so that she could absolve her guilt.  God, where was her Mom when she needed her?  Jenny had never felt more alone.

Finally Kurt's cries pierced through her daze and she reached to pick him up.  Cradling him, she attempted to soothe both of them.  "Don't worry Kurt.  Mommy's going to figure this out..."

Krista finished the dishes with a sigh.  It sucked that both Mom & Dad worked nights.  That meant the bulk of day-to-day chores fell on her.  Like dishes.  Cooking. And babysitting.

"Come on Kurt, let's go over your ABC's one more time..."

"NO!" Kurt pouted.

Quincy ran up behind them.  "Krista, will you read to me?"

Sometimes by the end of the day, Krista was so worn out that she didn't even want to look at her homework.  She had no social life and no friends.  She couldn't wait until she could leave to go to college!

Jenny tapped her foot while waiting for the sleaze.  Finally Curtis strutted up the walk.  "Hey there, Princess," he charmed.

Jenny shoved the money at him.  "Here. You promised. This stays a secret."

Curtis flipped through the stack, mentally counting how much was there.  Satisfied, he stuffed it in his pocket. 

"Until next time!" he called out as he walked away.

Jenny was infuriated! "Curtis! You promised this was it! No more!"

He just waved his hand in farewell without turning around.

Jenny couldn't help but feel that she was getting a little too deep for her own good...

And poor Quinn was oblivious, she thought.  They continued to work with Curtis, and she was always waiting for the other shoe to drop.  She knew Curtis would just take the money from her and would eventually tell.

God, what was she going to do?

She watched him when he wasn't looking.  He was such a great Dad.  And he had no clue that Kurt wasn't his.  She couldn't help but feel sometimes that their family was built from cards. One swift wind and it would crumble.  She worried Quinn would leave if he ever found out she'd had an affair with Curtis and wound up pregnant.

But the kids were getting older.

It would get harder and harder to keep it a secret...
PARTY! Quincy laughed as the kids crowded their house.

Krista glanced around, "Quincy, Mom & Dad didn't say it was okay to have a party!"

Quincy shrugged, "So? They won't be home until midnight. We'll have everyone leave at 11 & straighten the place up! They'll never know!"

Krista rolled her eyes.

"Come on Krista! Don't be such a kill joy!"

"A kill joy?! Krista asked in shock.  "Is that what you think of me?!"

"Well, you never have fun! Live a little!"

He was right! She never had fun! And she was TIRED of it! From now on, she was going to let loose & have FUN!

Starting with that hot blonde over there!

Quinn walked up the front walk & smiled.  This was his home. His family. His everything. He couldn't believe all the mistakes they'd made through the years, but somehow they'd managed to pull off a pretty good life together!

Stopped to grab the mail, a pink envelope caught his eye.

"What the... ?"

Reading the return address label, he flipped it over and opened the seal...

"Dear Quinn.  I have some news that will probably be unexpected..."  The letter dropped from his fingers.

He felt decades older in just those few shorts moments.

Jenny was so glad her shift was over. She was ready for bed! She must be getting old!  Letting herself in, she plopped down on the couch to rest.

When the lights popped back on, she was startled.

"We have to talk, Jenny..."

Numbly, Jenny nodded, too afraid to say a word.

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  1. OOOOhhhh,..."What webs we weave when at first we practice to deceive...." What a great storyline!


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