April 25, 2012

Tans, Part 2 - Round 21

A few nights later...

Quentin and Quincy were tossing the ball back and forth, joking around. 

"Mr. Tang?" Quincy asked when he saw his folks' work friend heading towards them. 

"Hello Quincy," Curtis said.  "Are your parents home?"

"Sure, they're just inside.  Hey, this is my brother, Quentin."

Curtis gave a half-laugh and said snidely,  "Well, well, well.  I wonder how many siblings you have waiting in the woodworks."

Quincy & Quentin looked at each other and stepped away as Curtis pushed past them.

"Weird," Quincy said under his breath. 

Hearing raise voices, they ran inside.

Jenny crossed her arms.  "How did you get in here?" she demanded.

"Quincy let me in!  All you had to do was keep paying & Quinn never would've had to know!"  Curtis sneered.

"Know what?" Quinn asked angrily. 

Jenny wiped a tear from her eye and looked at Quinn sadly.  "Curtis is Kurt's father.  I cheated on you years ago and never thought...."

"So you see! You've been cheated by this... this..."

Quinn shoved Curtis.  "Watch it. That's my wife you're talking about!

Quentin and Quincy watched the scene unfold, frozen in place.  "Wow... and I thought my family was crazy..." Quentin whispered.

Curtis had imagined that Quinn would be angry at Jenny, not him!  Backing away, he glared. 

"Get out.  Unless you're ready to be a Father to Kurt - then just go. You should be ashamed of yourself! Taking money to keep your child a secret! You should've been taking him to play ball!"

"Ha! I wouldn't want to be a father to any child that bi.."  Curtis paused, seeing the anger flare in Quinn's eyes.  "Good riddance to all of you!" he said angrily as he backed away. 

Jenny cheered once Curtis walked across the threshold.  "And don't come back, you sleaze!" she said, laughing.  "Oh my God! That was so crazy!" she told Quinn, breathing a sigh of relief.  Her secret had been exposed and it was okay...

Quinn turned towards Jenny and glared.  "You laugh like it's no big deal? No big deal that you've held my many indiscretions over my head for YEARS.  And you have a love child with that self-righteous dirtwad?" 

Jenny looked down. 

Voice cracking, Quinn asked, "Kurt isn't mine?"

Feeling the knot of emotion in her throat, all Jenny could do was shake her head.

"Oh God!" Quinn gasped hoarsely.  "I can't even look at you right now!"

Jenny's eyes filled with tears again and she reached for Quinn's hands.  "Please forgive me? Please? At first I didn't know... and by then... I knew how much you loved him... and I never knew how to tell you...."

Quinn shoved Jenny's hands away from him.  "When I think of the crap you gave me after Camilla told me about Quentin!"

Jenny begged. "But, I didn't! I never said anything! I was only glad..." Realizing what she was saying, she clamped her lips shut.

Quinn filled in the blanks.  "You were just glad it wasn't YOUR secret that got found out.  You never would have told me, would you have?"

"Why? You love him! He's your son in all the ways except one!"

Kurt looked up and saw his brothers staring at him funny.  "Hey guys, wanna play?"

Wordlessly they shook their heads. 

Quincy cleared his throat.  "Ummm... there's something you should know..." he began awkwardly.

"Excuse us, boys," Jenny said from behind them.  "Could you give us a minute with Kurt?"

Quincy & Quentin raced out of the room.

"What's going on Mom?" Kurt asked.  He hadn't snuck out this week & he was actually making pretty good grades.  What'd he do to get in trouble?

Quinn and Jenny exchanged a 'look' and Kurt got even more worried.

Shakily, Jenny told Kurt the awful truth.  That she'd had an affair with a co-worker & had prayed that he wasn't the father after she wound up pregnant. 

"But, it wasn't until you were a toddler that I really knew..." she said sadly.  "And by then, well... everything was different..."

Kurt glanced at his Dad. "You're not my Dad?" he asked sadly, tears shining in his eyes.

Quinn pulled him into a bear hug, squeezing his tight.  "You'll always be my son," he said, his voice ripe with emotion.

Nodding, Kurt stepped back.  "I... I think I need to be alone..." he said as he ran towards the door.

Flying into his room, he saw Quentin & Quincy talking on their beds.  "Did you know?" Kurt accused.

Quincy shook his head.  "No, man. I only found out today when Curtis came by raving and ranting. Dad almost kicked his ass!"

Kurt hung his head.

"For what it's worth... you're still my best brother..." Quincy offered.

"Hey! I thought I was your best brother!" Quentin joked, punching his shoulder. 

"You know, we're like the three amigos," Quentin said as they sat in the room talking about their parents. 

"One for all & all for one!" Quincy laughed.

"That's the Three Muskateers, you dope," Quentin teased.

Kurt was still reeling from the news, but looked at his two brothers, trying their hardest to cheer him up.  "Nothing will ever come between us!  We're always brothers" he said seriously. 

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  1. All the family skeletons are coming out of the closet. What a good soap opera!!


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