April 24, 2012

Tans, Part 1 - Round 21

"Come here, you," Quinn said as he pulled his wife close to him. 

Sighing, Jenny let Quinn haul her into his arms.  He'd been so romantic, caring & giving since they found out he had a son with Countess Camilla.  She tried not to hold it over his head.  God knows she had her own secrets...

"I would like to speak with Quinn alone," Camilla said from behind Jenny.

Jenny started.  It was almost as though thinking Camilla's name had transported her there.  Wordlessly, Jenny hurried from the room, feeling chills race down her spine.  How Quinn could manage to produce a child with her was beyond her!

"I have spoken with my son & he is ready to get to know you.  Remember, if you hurt him, I will hurt you."  Quinn saw the warning flash in her eyes.

Holding his hands out, he tried to reassure her, "I promise I won't hurt her... but... I don't know if we're ready..."

"He'll be here in just a few minutes.  Be ready."

Having finished saying what she wanted, Camilla disappeared.

Hearing the doorbell ring, Quinn grumbled on his way to answer it.  You know, a phone call would've been nice!

But, seeing his son at the doorstep had all his bitter thoughts flying out the window. 

"Quentin," he said shaking the boy's hand.

"Quinn...err... Dad?"

Quinn glanced over to where Krista was clipping the hedges.  He decided it was time to pull the band-aid off.

Gathering his family, he sat down on the couch next to Quentin.  Not able to make eye contact with his children, he gestured towards Quentin.  "There's not easy way to say this."  Pausing and clearing his throat, Quinn tried again.  "I... well... early in our marriage... well... I never knew that Quentin existed."

Krista glanced between Quentin and her Dad, confused.  "What do you mean?"

Clearing his throat again, Quinn tried to spit out truth.  "Quentin is your half-brother." 

"What?!" Quincy yelled.  "You cheated on Mom?!"

Jumping up, Quincy ran over and poked his Dad in the chest.  "How could you?"

Krista's eyes filled with tears as she ran from the room. 

Quentin felt sick to his stomach.  It wasn't supposed to be like this...

Now they were all going to hate him!

Krista sniffled and called "come in" when she heard the soft knock on her door.

"Are you okay?" Jenny asked as she walked in.

"How could he?" Krista demanded angrily.

Sighing, Jenny reached out to comfort her daughter.  She was alot like her Grandmother, always believing in black and white with no gray area.  "It's complicated.  We'd been fighting alot..."

"That doesn't excuse it!" Krista said hotly.

"I know it doesn't.  I'm just explaining.  Your father & I have both made mistakes..."

Quinn called Quentin back into the room after speaking quietly with Quincy for awhile.  "I'd like you two to get to know each other better.  See what you have in common."

Quincy and Quentin looked at each other suspiciously, wondering what they could possibly have in common, other than the man standing to their side.

"I know it's not easy," Quinn said sadly.  "But, the fact is that you two are brothers. And I would love for you to be close..."

Quincy shrugged.  "Do you want to throw the ball around?"

"Sure," Quentin nodded.

"Hey! Can I play too?" Kurt called out as he trailed along behind them.


Quentin asked his Mom for permission to stay the weekend and the family fell into a routine.  Jenny watched how happy Quinn was with all his boys getting along so well.

"What was it like being a rock star?" Quentin asked as they sat round the livingroom takling.

"The fame and the money were nice.  But, what I loved most was playing.  Do you guys want to go jam?"

"Would we ever!" they answered excitedly.

Jenny cheered and clapped as they all goofed around in the garage.  Hearing her phone ring, she turned her back to answer it.  "Hello?"

"Jenny?" he asked.

Glancing back at her happy family, Jenny moved outside into the night.

"What do you want Curtis?" she demanded.

"I ran into some money trouble at the casinos.  I need some cash to tide me over."

Jenny took a deep breath.  "No, Curtis. No more."

"What do you mean, 'no more'?!" he demanded.  "I own you!"

"Goodbye Curtis," she said quietly & turned her cell phone off.  Taking a deep, calm breath to steady her racing nerves, she went back in and tried to act like nothing had just happened...

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  1. Woo what a brave thing for Quinn and Quentin to do. But it looks like the family will accept it. What is this phone call? Curtis needs money - gambling???


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