April 7, 2012

Steeles - Round 21

Mandy hugged Malcolm once his taxi had dropped him and his lady friend off.  "It's so good to see you!" she said excitedly.  "I've really needed someone to talk to!"  Turning, she introduced herself to his companion.  "Hi, I'm Mandy, Malcolm's big sister."

Marion smiled and shook her hand.  "I'm Marion."

"No! Marion! You've grown up so much since I saw you last!"

Marion smiled.  "You've had quite a few changes yourself," she teased.

That was when Mandy noticed the sparkling ring on Marion's finger.

"Malcolm!" she cried.  "You dog! You didn't tell me you were engaged!"

"Surprise," Malcolm grinned.  

Mandy looked around at all of Malcolm's friends that had gathered for the wedding.  She wished Mom and Dad were around to see this happy day.  Patting a hand on her belly, she sighed wistfully.  She wished Mom and Dad were around to see their grandbaby, too.

Malcolm slipped the ring on Marion finger & shared a look so full of love that tears pricked Mandy's eyes.  It must be wonderful to have someone love you that much she thought. 

Oh God, she thought.  Had she even ever told Casey how she felt about him?  She'd always tried so hard to make him think that she didn't expect or want anything from him.  But she did.  She wanted him to love her like she loved him!

After the wedding, Mandy hugged Malcolm.  "I'm so happy for you both! But I have to go talk to someone! I'm so sorry I have to leave!"

Marion wandered into the nursery that Mandy had set up and looked around.  It was the perfect place...

"Malcolm," Marion cleared her throat.  "Now that Mandy's not coming back... those baby things in the nursery.... " Marion began hesitantly.

Malcolm held his breath, worried she'd want children right away.

Marion continued, "I was wondering if we could move it to storage & set up an office in there. It's the perfect space!"

Malcolm laughed and let his breath out.  "Oh God! I thought you were going to say you wanted to fill it with babies!"

Marion laughed.  "Oh goodness! No! Not yet! We have our careers to think about! Maybe once things are more established we can talk about having a child!"

Malcolm snuggled against Marion.  "Feel free! Let's turn it into an office!"

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  1. Seems like Marion has some sense about her!


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