April 26, 2012

Sim State Uni - 17th Class

Freshmen at Boys Dorm:
(top row) David McMillan, Cliff Goss, Martin McMillan, & Travis Bradshaw
(middle row) Trent Bradshaw, Ben Landry, Jeremy Carter, & Melvin Carter
(bottom row) Chevy McMillan & Edwin Carpenter

Freshmen at Girls Dorm:
(top tow) Mary McMillan, Katherine Reed, Chloe Bachman, Victoria Reed
(middle row) Rachel Bear, Jane Carter, Roxanne Carter, Krista Landry, Violet Potter & Meadow McMillan
(bottom row) Nicole Reed & Cora Reed

David McMillan & Krista Landry:  David & Krista found each other their first nights in the dorm & expressed their love for each other.  She thought of him daily & couldn't wait to graduate and start making babies with him!

 Cliff Goss & Jane Carter: Jane's heart had been broken by Daniel.  Before moving to Uni, he'd called her and apologized to her for never calling.  He'd met someone else though, he explained.  He promised he still loved her, he was met the love of his life at college.  He wouldn't tell her who she was, though.

Thinking she would never fall in love again, she'd been surprised to be introduced to Cliff Goss. 

Martin McMillan & Victoria Reed:  Martin called Victoria daily, hoping that he'd be able to talk her into a date. Finally, he'd succeeded and they'd had the best night of their life!  Infatuated with each other, Martin dreamed of proposing to her before they moved back to Paradise Bay!

Trent Bradshaw & Lakishma Clark:  Trent spent all his time studying & ignoring his twin brother Travis.  Finally, the loneliness caught up with him.  Calling up the local campus matchmaker, he'd asked to find his true love.  He and Lakishma had instant chemistry!  If only he hadn't need to hurry off to his final before he'd swept her off her feet!

Ben Landry & Meadow McMillan:  Ben & Meadow were surprised to discover a mutual interest in nature.  Perhaps that's why they fell in love on one of their long, leisurely walks. 

Chevy McMillan & Cora Reed:  Chevy renewed his attempt to convince Cora to fall in love with him the minute he found her on campus.  Hopefully he'd be able to convince her that he was the only guy she'd ever need!

Rachel Bear & Walker Reed:  Rachel had been surprised to look up & see Walker joining her at chess.  They'd been hot & heavy in highschool.  Before Edwin, she thought bitterly.  Why Walker would want anything to do with her, she had no idea!  She'd failed him so miserably.  Hopefully she'd be able to make it up to him... if he was interested in being more than friends, that is...  Because so far he never even expressed an interest in anything more!

Roxanne Carter & Riley Bear:  Roxanne looked up from her homework, shocked to see Riley standing there, agitated.  She didn't know what to say to him after all that time.  She was even more surprised when he dropped to one knee and serenaded her.  Clutching her hands in his, he promised to make it up to her.

Melvin was surprised to run into Jackie one night at a party.  Forcing a smile on his face, he'd greeted her casually, all the while longing to stroke her cheek.  She'd been so excited that they were able to be best friends that he didn't have the nerve to tell her how he felt.  Maybe he could make her change her mind... eventually...

Chloe was madly in love with Edwin.  She hoped that one day he would realize that she was all he needed, but as time wore on, she started to seriously wonder if that would ever happen.

Travis, Edwin, Nicole, & Mary - These four incorrigible romance Sims spent the entire time swapping partners & attempting to meet new lovers.  Travis & Nicole and Edwin & Mary seemed to pair off as the semesters wore on.  Maybe they all deserve each other!

Jeremy, Katherine, & Violet - These three were very unassuming and easy-going students.  They didn't attract much attention and kept mostly to themselves.  None of them found love or really searched for love, deciding to spend most of their time skilling & working on their schoolwork.

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