April 4, 2012

Sim State Uni - 16th Class

Freshman in the 16th Class: 

(bottom row) Lizzie McMillan, Christa Downie, Summer McMillan (top row) Carmen Lew (newspaper delivery girl), Annie Landry, Regan Bear, Lacy McMillan, & Jackie Bertino

(bottom row) Theo Hart, Mark McMillan, Daniel Carter (middle row) Lestat Pai, River McMillan, Riley Bear, Junior Goss (top row) Michael Reed, Walker Reed, & Alton Carter

As you may have noticed from the pictures, there were a butt-load of students at Uni this year.  In order to make it so I didn't have to play 4 different houses, I added all the boys to one dorm & all the girls to another dorm.  So, I was playing 16ish Sims per house.  Phew! That's a lot of Sims!

I only sent them do homework, term papers, & skilling if they rolled a want for it.  ALOT less 4.0's this round! But I'm pretty psyched that only 1 senior was kicked out (Heather) & 2 seniors have to repeat their last semester (Helen & Rebeka).

I also didn't take good pictures for all the various storylines in college because... well.. I'd be stuck writing on this update forever & a day!


Lestat was a little high maintenance and was easily upset.  Lance found it especially funny to pick on Lestat and watch the hysterics.  Normally Malcolm would come to Lestat's rescue and tell Lance to leave the poor guy alone.

Mark fell for Lizzie early on in the year, but soon learned that she wasn't ready for anything serious.  He just felt bad that he'd yelled at Lacy when she'd tried to tell him not to get his hopes up.  Maybe he'd be able to fix that friendship next semester...

Michael spent most of his time goofing around on the computer, but still managed to pull off great grades.  The guys whispered that he might've found a way to hack into the grades log.  How else could you explain it?!

Riley & River hung out together alot. They were fast friends, often times going outside to throw the football around.  Neither dated much, but often talked about how they couldn't wait for a girl to notice them.  Riley's sister, Regan, tried to tell them that they couldn't wait to be noticed - they needed to be more assertive.  Maybe next semester...

Theo shouldn't have been so weirded out living in his brother's shadow, again! But, he was! He didn't really try to fit in or make friends because he was worried he couldn't live up to his brother's reputation.  Next year it would be his turn to shine!

Walker called Rachel a lot to begin with. Man, he missed her! But, eventually she stopped returning his calls.  He hoped that didn't mean it was over...

At orientation, Alton had flirted with this cute new girl, Carmen.  How was he to know that she thought they were an item? No way was he ready to settle down! Especially with girls like Sabrina Potter around?! It took a long time before Carmen would even speak to him again, but they had a pretty solid friendship again.

Daniel couldn't believe how amazing Gloria was.  At one party they'd been at together, they'd sat and talked for hours about how her Mother had passed away and how she felt like her home was being stolen from her.  He thought they'd really made a connection...  Except.... It would be helpful if she actually remembered his name...

Junior fell for Summer hard.  They were inseparable their first few years.  All it took was one date & Summer knew they were meant to be together.

Kent was a wall-flower.  He kept up good grades and would often pitch in to help clean the house. If you needed a favor... Kent was your guy!

It was a weird time for Annie.  She'd managed to sneak in the cauldron & spell book that she'd been given. But, it took awhile before she felt brave enough to even touch the stuff.  But, man, it felt AMAZING!  She couldn't wait to learn everything she could about the spells!

Christa wished that she and Lestat hadn't had a falling out right before university.  He hardly spoke to her at all.  But, she thought they'd both realized that they'd had a high school fling & it just didn't work out.  She definitely wasn't carrying a torch for him! She just wished she had him as a friend.

Jackie was on academic probation.  Thankfully her friend Annie helped her out with her assignments so that she barely squeaked by.  Hopefully Annie could keep on helping her... or else she was sunk!


  1. HA! I am so hard nosed about my sims getting 4.0 at uni! I will have to incorporate this into my wishes challenge.

    1. It is still soooooo hard not to make them do better in school! Especially the Sims that you EXPECT to do well in uni! Romance & Pleasure seem to never roll wants to do well in school. But, they will roll the want to get to know their teacher a little better (i.e. suck up)!

    2. Haha that's true...always wants to befriend the professors! And strangely their grades go up!


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