April 26, 2012

Sim State Uni - 16th Class Graduation

16th Graduating Class:
(1st column):  Lizzie McMillan, Regan Bear, Lestat Downie, & River McMillan
(2nd column): Lacy McMillan - Valedictorian, Kent Carter, Carmen Lew, Junior Goss, & Theo Hart
(3rd column): Walker Reed, Michael Reed, & Jackie Bertino
(4th column): Annie Landry, Christa Downie, Riley Bear, & Mark McMillan

Drop-outs:  Alton Carter, Meadow McMillan & Daniel Carter

Lizzie - Lizzie spent most of her time hiding from her vicious roommates who were very displeased with her waffling affections.  Occasionally, she would emerge from her room late at night to secretly rendezvous with someone under the cloak of darkness. 

 Lestat - He missed Alyssa terribly & couldn't wait to return home to shower her with love.

Walker - Early on, he was struck by Rachel's beauty.  Trying to play it cool, he tried to spend time with her playing chess or just talking.  It took her making the first move to take their relationship to the next level.  Now that it was time to go back to Paradise Bay, he wondered whether or not their love could survive the distance.

 Junior - Junior spent most of his time playing chess and working hard on his grades.  He supposed he took his relationship with Meadow for granted, especially after she was expelled.  Hopefully she still had time for him by the time he got back to Paradise Bay!

 Jackie - What a beautiful young lady she grew up to be! She'd felt a little awkward running into her high school flame, Melvin Carter.  She was worried that he would want to pick up where they left off after she left school.  But, thankfully, they both seemed to have moved on with no hard feelings!  Now if only she could find someone else to sweep her off her feet!

 Kent - Kent was often found alongside Junior Goss, his best friend. He enjoyed playing chess, pool & tossing the football around with his other good friend, Michael Reed.

 Christa - Christa enjoyed school and all the friends she'd met there.  She was ready to go home to see her Dad... she was just worried that he wouldn't be as excited to see her since he'd already moved on with What's-Her-Name.

 Riley -Riley couldn't believe he'd been such a jerk to Roxanne after going to Uni.  Even more surprising was that she'd forgiven him!  One well-time apology & all was forgiven!  He would spend all of his time making sure she never regretted her decision!

 River - River had bad luck in the romance department.  Jane Carter had stolen his heart when they were in highschool & despite the fact that she'd thrown him over for Daniel Carter, she'd always had his heart.  He'd hoped that when she saw that Daniel had moved on that he might have a chance...  But, he supposed that wasn't to be.

In an attempt to get over her, he let himself be seduced by Nicole Reed.  After an impromptu engagement that ended badly when he'd caught her making out with Edwin Carpenter, he was sure he was just supposed to be unlucky in love.

 Regan - Regan was quite studious.  Every now and then she would take a break to call Alan and chat.  She knew he couldn't wait for her to come home & get married to raise a family.  But, truthfully, she wasn't sure if she was ready for that!

 Michael -Michael spent lots of time with his buddies Junior Goss & Kent Carter.  He'd often been jealous of Junior's relationship with Meadow, especially because for the first few years, he'd harbored a serious crush for her.  But, it would be breaking every code in the Bro Handbook to even think about her.  Maybe if he kept busy with work, he could get her out of his head!

 Annie -Annie transported to the roof whenever she had a moment to work on her potions & study the spells in the book the witch had given her.  But, none of the spells she learned appealed to her.  She was so worried about causing damage and destruction that she'd never even touched her wand.  Maybe once she returned to Paradise Bay, she could find a way to use her magic....

 Lacy - Aw, what a beautiful woman Lacy grew up to be! So striking & lovely! But, don't be fooled by her beauty.  Inside that pretty little head is a sharp brain and a desire to be best at anything she attempts. 

Theo - All Theo wanted to do was date, but he seemed to be cursed with the Hart's luck in love.  Hopefully he would find someone once he returned to Paradise Bay like all of his family before him!

 Mark - Mark was hopelessly devoted to Lacy.  He worked hard to maintain a high GPA.  He was slightly jealous that Lacy managed to make the highest grade, a 4.0.  She beat him by .1 points!  And she'd probably never let him live it down, either!

 Carmen -Carmen spent her last few semesters trying to lose those Freshman "Fifteen."  As in the 15 pounds she'd put on her freshman year.  She never realized how into fitness she would become, either.  She was often seen putting on her sleek exercise outfit and heading out for a jog.  She couldn't wait to get back to Paradise Valley to see Alton, her one true love.  Hopefully the dream wedding she was planning would come true!

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