April 25, 2012

Round 21 Prom

The students milled around before the Prom, talking excitedly about how much fun it was going to be.

Jane Carter grabbed Edwin Carpenter's hands and swung them around.  "Thanks for the other night," she said.  "It really meant a lot to me."

Rachel Bear, who stood nearby, overheard and saw how close the two were standing next to each other.  Angrily, she pushed Edwin.  "What happened the other night, Edwin?"

Edwin glanced between Jane & Rachel and shrugged.  "Nothing."  Then he walked off to see who else was at the party.

Jane looked at Rachel and felt silly.  She didn't the whole world to know Edwin gave her a pity kiss.  "It was nothing.  I was just missing Daniel, that's all...  I just felt stupid and Edwin... er... cheered me up..."

Travis Carter generally thought that if a girl touched you, you were golden... but there weren't many times a girl had put him in a headlock!  He didn't know if this meant Jasmine Landry liked him or not!

Krista Landry had searched through the crowd, hoping to see David McMillan.  When she saw him, she ran over and wrapped her arms around him.  "I was hoping to see you her," she said happily.

David couldn't have been happier.

Theresa Reed poked her sister Victoria.  "Take it back!" she demanded.

Victoria rubbed the sore spot on her shoulder.  She spit out, "God, I wish baby's weren't allowed to come to the Prom!" before flouncing away.

Roxanne Carter was happy to see Jennings Carter before she went inside.  She just might be able to get over Riley Bear with a few more of his kisses!

Ms. Caretaker fretfully ran over to stop the two students from fighting.  "That is quite enough!" she said sternly.  She worried that it was a bad sign for a fight to break out this early in the night.

Theresa heard Ms. Caretaker and stepped back.  She was just so angry with Edwin! Apparently he'd been working his way through all the girls at Paradise Bay!  She thought she was the only one!

David McMillan rushed over to slap Edwin.  "That was for kissing my sister Mary while you were scouting around!"

Krista watched Edwin reel back.  She felt so bad for him.  Sure, she probably should've been made because he'd made some passes on her, too.  But... really... she just felt bad for him.

David showed off a few of his boxing moves, waiting to see if Edwin was going to fight back.

Krista laid a hand on his arm.  "Don't do this David.  Let's just go have fun."

David relaxed and let Krista lead him away.

Edwin glanced around the crowd and saw all the angry and pitying faces swimming around him.  "Screw this!" he snapped as he stalked away.  Pushing through the double doors, Edwin headed home.  They were a bunch of big losers anyway!

Ben Landry & Victoria Reed enjoyed a friendly dance together. 

Zane Carpenter and Willow McMillan couldn't keep their hands off of each other.

Jeremy Carter looked on as his friend Trenton goofed around with Jasmine Landry.  Jeremy thought Jasmine was gorgeous, but never worked up the nerve to tell her.

 Travis Carter and Mary McMillan enjoyed a few dances before they started to look for another partner to dance with.

"Thanks for leaving Edwin alone," Krista said as she and David danced.

David shrugged.  "It just doesn't make sense why all the girls go crazy for him.  He treats them all like crap!"

Krista snuggled closer.  "I know.  I'm glad that I have you!"

Jeremy had screwed together enough courage to ask Jasmine to dance, but then was tongue-tied the entire time.  She looked so beautiful in that dress!

Trent Carter and Meadow McMillan enjoyed a dance together.  Trent started to tell her how much he admired her when the song ended and she went to join her friends.  Sighing, Trent went back to stand next to Jeremy.  "We are such losers!" he said sadly.

Jeremy nodded in agreement.  "Yeah. Real smooth guys."

"Ladies and gentlemen," Ms. Caretaker announced from the stage. "I'd like to present our King and Queen.  Meadow McMillan and Edwin Carpenter?"  Ms. Caretaker glanced around the room.  "Edwin? Edwin?"

"He went home!" David called from the crowd.

Flustered, Ms. Caretaker glanced at her cue cards.  "Oh dear.  Well, let's see.  The runner-up is Travis Carter.  Please come up with Miss McMillan."

Travis joked around as he jogged up to the stage and stood next to Meadow.  Grinning, he gave the crowd a thumbs up.

Travis danced with Meadow, but tried to take care that he didn't dance too close.  He knew how Trent felt about her and didn't need to go down that road again!

Stifling a yawn, Chasity McMillan glanced around the room.  Everyone was starting to head home in packs.  She guessed Prom was good and over....

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  1. Lol Edwin won Prom King and he went home crying like a baby! LOL


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