April 4, 2012

Round 20 Prom

"Welcome to your Prom," Miss Caretaker announced to the teens.  "Remember, we're all here to have fun!"

Seeing an altercation from the stage, Miss Caretaker hurried over to River McMillan.

"Mr. McMillan. That type of behavior is highly frowned upon.  Whatever your problems are, you need to leave it outside.  Another outburst like that and I'll call your parents to pick you up," she warned.

River hung his head, "Yes, Miss Caretaker."

"Good, now go ahead and join your friends," she advised.  "Everyone else is having a wonderful time!"

River looked around the room, saw everyone dancing and felt a little silly picking a fight with Cliff Goss.

Miss Caretaker walked around the room, smiling when she saw two friends sharing a joke.  Sometimes she thought the friendships were sweeter than the new romances.   

Alton Carter thought that Krista Tan-Landry was hilarious.  He'd only met her recently. She hadn't gotten out much until her little brother Quincy started making friends.  Now he often dragged her along wherever he went.

Summer McMillan finished catching up Mark McMillan on the gossip that she'd overheard when she was in the restroom. 

Apparently everyone thought that Cliff and River were fighting over a girl.

"Who?" Mark asked.

Summer shrugged.  "Nobody knows! Maybe we'll find out later tonight!"

Rachel Bear squeezed Walker Reed tight.  "I'm going to miss you so much," she said, trying hard not to cry.  "Promise me you'll call often and that I can come visit on the weekends!"

Walker hugged Rachel back.  "Of course! I'm going to miss you a lot, too!  But, you'll be joining me in no time!"

Jackie Bertino smiled at Kent Carter, "Come on, come dance with us!"

Meadow McMillan added, "Yeah, come dance with us!"

Kent shook his head, "No way! I can't dance! I have two left feet!"

Michael Reed stroked Lacy McMillan's cheek.  "You're so beautiful," he said sweetly.  "I hope we stay like this forever!"

Edwin Carpenter stood in the middle of the dance floor, watching Summer McMillan.  She'd been special, but he'd messed it all up.  Soon she'd be going off to school and would be too cool for him.  Just as well, he thought bitterly.  He'd probably just muck it up again.  Looking around, he found Chasity McMillan and asked for a dance.

The teens slowly made their way over to the buffet. But, that didn't keep all the kids out of trouble.

River poked Cliff in the chest, hard. "You think I won't do it," he accused.

Lizzie rolled her eyes.  "Come on River, you're going to get in trouble."

River shook Lizzie's arm off. "I'm not scared of him!"

Lizzie glanced around the room.  "You're causing a scene. Quit it or Miss Caretaker is going to call your parents!"

River let Lizzie lead him off.

"Can you believe it? I heard that River was fighting with Cliff over some girl," Meadow doubled over laughing.  "As if River would ever beat Cliff!"

Distracted, Jane stared across the room, watching Michael and Lacy.

"They look like they're so in love," Jane said softly.  She wondered what it would be like to have a guy love you that much.  "I want someone to dance with me like that!"

Meadow scoffed.  "If you're looking for an example of true love, you should probably put your money on Jackie Bertino & Melvin Carter! They've been together forever and they're always all over each other!"

Jackie stroked Melvin's cheek. "I'm going to miss you so much. Maybe I should take a year or two off," she said sadly.

Melvin patted her hand, "No way! Get your degree out of the way so you can support me while I go to college!"

Jackie laughed. "Ha! You're going to make me your sugar mama?"

Melvin pulled her into his arms and began swaying her around the room, "Yes ma'am.  Is that okay with you?"

Jackie snuggled her head on his shoulder.  "Sounds perfect!"

"Meet me in the photo booth," Lizzie whispered as she brushed a kiss on Edwin's lips and walked off.

Edwin watched her go, his pulse leaping.  Did she mean what he thought she did?!  He started to follow after her when a warm body ran up to him and pulled him into a bear hug.

"EDWIN!" Christa Downie gushed.  "I'm so glad we ran into each other! The other night was AMAZING!"

Edwin looked around the room.  Damn. She was going to get him in trouble!

"Christa?!" Lestat gasped.  "Did you? With Edwin?!"

Edwin plastered a smile on his face.  Damn. This was getting worse.  Stealing a glance across the room, he saw Lizzie step into the photo booth.

Christa rolled her eyes.  "It's none of your business, Lestat. But, no.. we didn't do... that!"

Lestat narrowed his eyes.  He didn't know why he cared so much. Or why he was so surprised.  Christa had made it clear she'd moved on.  He just thought she'd want more from a boyfriend than... Edwin!

Edwin snapped his fingers and whistled. "Sooooo... we good here?" he asked.  Not pausing to let them answer, he said, "Good deal. Catch you later."

Making a beeline for the photo booth, Edwin took off and was stopped short by the announcements.

"Ladies and Gentlemen... Please gather around...."

Edwin glanced at the stage and then back at the photobooth and groaned when Lizzie pushed the curtain back and stepped out.  Shrugging, she came over to join the edge of the crowd.

Miss Caretaker took a deep breath, "I give you your homeschooling King and Queen!"

"River McMillan and Christa Downie!"

After the applause, River and Christa hopped off the stage to enjoy their solo dance.

"DAMMIT!" Jackie exclaimed.  She stopped when she realized she said it out loud.  She looked down at the floor when she realized everyone was looking at her.  But, really, Christa? The homecoming queen?!  It should've been her!

Although, she was quite happy with her consolation prize!

As the night came to an end, quite a few seniors took a moment to steal a kiss from someone special...

David McMillan stole a kiss from Regan Bear before she headed off to college.

Junior Goss stole a kiss from Christa Downie as an angry Lestat looked on.

And soon the teens trickled out and headed home, chattering excitedly about their night.

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  1. Oh Edwin, Edwin, it is all catching up to you! Christa, the homeschooling queen? That surprised me! But good for her tho, being adopted and having nothing but a werewolf for a dad! hahaha....


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