April 25, 2012

Reeds (4) - Round 21

Norma watched as Phillip walked out of the surf.  He was so sexy!

 Phillip saw Norma watching him from the shade.  She was like a goddess, he thought romantically.   "If you keep staring at me like that, I won't be responsible for my actions?" he warned playfully.

Norma batted her lashes, "Now that sounds like a plan!"


She shouldn't have been surprised when her pregnancy tests came back positive...

Phillip spent his spare time working on his tin can.  One day he'd get it up & running. Norma gave him hell about spending so much time & money on the tin can... but it was going to be the coolest hot rod on the street one day.

Happy birthday little boy Mitchell!

Phillip couldn't believe how big his little guy already was!

He was smart like his Mom, though. He watched as Norma taught him everything from his ABC's to all the states on the map.  He'd been surprised to see he actually seemed to know the states!

She approached motherhood like a career... researching & planning their activities.

Welcome to the world little girl Naomi!

What a handsome young man Mitchell grew up to be!

Mitchell watched the guests blow their noisemakers and cheer as Norma blew out the candles for Naomi.  He couldn't wait to be able to play with her!

Happy birthday Naomi!

"She loves to dance, just like me!" Norma laughed as Mandy immediately crawled over & began to sway with the music with Norma's best friends Emily & Mandy.

A little girl after my own heart, Norma thought happily.

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