April 4, 2012

Reeds (4) - Round 20

It had been strange learning to live away from nature for Phillip, but here at the beach, he found a new home.  

Relaxing in the waves, Phillip lay his head back and soaked up the sights & smells of the ocean. 

Norma glanced around, pleased with how well their little home had turned out.

But, mostly pleased that she and Phillip were back together again and happy!

They wasted no time throwing parties nightly & showing off their new digs.


...it soon became apparent that their whole life was about to change...

"Well, I guess we'd better get married," Phillip said, rather un-romantically.

Norma sighed.  She didn't know what she'd been expecting.  She knew Phillip wasn't the most romantic guy in the world.  But, he was still her guy & she loved him so much!

A quick trip to the justice of the peace and the deal was done.  Married. For life!

And not a moment too soon!  Mitchell Carter was born late that evening!

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