April 25, 2012

Reeds (3) - Round 21

Kate didn't know what to do with the empty house.  Feeling at loose ends, she took out Ocelet to play fetch.  Maybe now the poor dog would get a little more attention!

Now that her youngest girls were ready for school, Kate thought it just as important that they were enrolled in the private school.

The Headmaster was eager to see another Reed pupil added to their faculty.

After the headmaster departed, Katherine called her Mother into the livingroom because Ocelet was acting funny.  Entering the room, Kate was saddened to see the poor thing was close to passing away.

Goodbye poor Ocelet, Kate thought sadly, wishing that she had played with him a little more!

Theresa came home from school, pleased that Brooks Landry came home with her.  He was so cute!  Although the newspaper boy was pretty darn cute, too.  Decisions, decisions!

 Then again, Trevor Carter really pushed all her buttons, too. 

"Trevor and Theresa sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" Vanessa taunted. 

Theresa fumed and stomped her foot.  "Vanessa! Go AWAY!"

Trevor just laughed as he chatted with Vanessa. 

Feeling upset that he was paying more attention to her bratty little sister, Theresa pulled him away.  "Come on, Trevor.  You promised we could talk about.. you know... stuff.  Stop talking to the kid!

Vanessa ran into the room giggling with Kaitlynn.  "When I grow up, I'm going to marry Trevor!" Vanessa said giddily.

Kaitlyn laughed.  "Ew! But he's a BOY!"

"Well duh.  Girls marry boys, Kaitlynn!"

Kaitlynn rolled her eyes. She didn't know why Vanessa was interested in boys anyways!  Playing with her friends was so much more fun!  (Wilhemia Reed & Isabella Tipton became fast friends with Kaitlyn - calling her daily & coming home from school with her!)

Vanessa didn't know how to explain the difference to Kaitlynn.  She just felt like she was getting older & started thinking that boys were more... interesting. 

She couldn't wait to fall in love like all her big sisters!

She was so glad so many people came out to her birthday party.  She was meeting all sorts of new friends!

Although, the party broke up shortly after Zane Carpenter was caught hugging Willow McMillan. 

"I don't care who knows how much I love you!" Zane had declared. 

An embarrassed Willow had hurried home.

Even stranger was the nocturnal visit from Aithel & Gary after darkness had fallen.  Nobody answered the door to the monsters lurking on the front lawn.  (Seriously? I wasn't even aware that Gary knew Aithel.  What the heck? Random!  Too bad Gunnar wasn't with them! Now that would've been funny!)

Kate knew that both she & Ralph were starting to show their age, but their love was still strong.  Most mornings the kids would roll their eyes when they caught their parents dancing or canoodling in the kitchen before Ralph left for work.

Kaitlyn was so excited to have a get together at her place Sunday afternoon.  All of her school friends came to hang out & play.   (They looked so darn cute slap dancing together that I had visions of pink tutus & dance recitals!)

They were a little clueless at first....

But after a little practice, they got the routine down!

Kaitlynn couldn't put her finger on it, but she was done with all the silly games & all the silly dance recitals.

Maybe it was just her growing up, like Vanessa always promised her would happen.


  1. Hey, I'm new to the group and trying to catch up on where other members are at. Theresa must be a very busy romance sim! Or if she's not, she's going to be! GREAT shots at the end, catching Kaitlynn in the same pose. Really works with the writing.

  2. Ha! yah, the girls dancing together was fun. Even better, the plantsim and vamp showing up together. You are right, too bad the werewolf wasn't with them. hehehe!


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