April 3, 2012

Reeds (3) - Round 20

The kids had just rushed out the door when Kate felt the labor pains begin.  Good timing, she thought.  She'd hate to see the kids so worried every time she delivered.

Another little girl!  Little Kaitlynn Reed!

Walker looked around the room.  In the corner he saw Katherine talking to Jeremy Carter.

And then Rachel Bear caught his eye...

Katherine walked into the kitchen and saw Summer slap Edwin for kissing Chasity.  "You low-down, cheating slime ball!" Summer had railed.

Chasity had sighed dreamily, "Isn't he the best kisser?"

Katherine shouldn't have been intrigued... but she was...

Victoria hated being younger than Walker & Katherine. She never got to have any fun! She had to do her homework while they got to play with their friends after school.

But things were going to change soon!  She was ready to live it up! (2nd daughter)

Ralph couldn't believe little Victoria was already a teenager! Six kids and 3 almost grown!  It was enough to put gray hairs on his head!

But Kate loved him no matter what!

She thought it would be nice to throw a party with all their family and friends.  It was nice getting together with some of their old college friends!

Kaitlynn was such a precocious toddler!

Theresa couldn't wait to dip into her mom's make-up!  She felt like a little princess! (4th daughter)

Victoria was quite pleased with herself for stealing her very first kiss.  She wondered who would be her second kiss?

Kate danced around the livingroom with Ralph, so excited to see her children growing & changing every day.  She was slightly relieved that they couldn't have any more children. Six was her limit! Now if only she could get them all married!

(This was just funny... Someone must've put something funny in the water! (Left is Kate's sister Jenny & husband Quinn Landry; middle couple is Ralph's brother Charles & Cheryl Reed; last couple is their friend Casey & Autumn McMillan.)

Happy Birthday Theresa (3rd daughter)!

Now it's your turn to set the world on fire!

Ralph is often teased about having a house full of girls, but he wouldn't have it any other way!

Happy birthday Kaitlynn (5th daughter)!

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  1. Get 'em married off...1,2,3,4,5 and 6! I love that LTW!


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