April 6, 2012

Potters - Round 21

 "What do you mean you're not coming home yet?" Arthur asked in surprise.  "What do you have to finish up?"

Helen hedged, "Nothing. Just some stuff around here."

Arthur was floored.  "Look, if you don't want to move in with me, just tell me.  Don't act like that!"

"Look! I messed up this semester & have to finish a few classes. I didn't want to tell you because I feel stupid!"

Arthur sighed.  "Is that all? You scared me! I thought you'd changed your mind about me!"

"Never! I can't wait to see you again!"

"Well hurry up & pass those classes!"

Arthur had been looking forward to Helen moving in. Disappointed, he went to bed, dreaming of how great it would be after her graduation.

 (Eureka! Gwen maxed her skills!)

Dad had made Violet get a job in hopes of keeping her away from Edwin.  He said that if she had less spare time, she had less time for mischief making.

She just wished he trusted her!

"Yeah, come on over and bring a few friends!" she said after Dad went to sleep.

Violet giggled with Meadow in the kitchen about the new girl, Chloe. 

"Did you see her hair? It looks so stupid!" Meadow said in a whisper.

Violet looked over and checked on her out...

 ...and thought that Edwin was paying a little bit too close of attention to Chloe.

"Edwin, can I talk to you in my room real quick?" Violet asked.

Edwin shrugged and said, "Sure."  Before he turned away, he winked at Chloe.  Violet fumed.

 Confronting him right away, she asked, "What was that?"

"What was what?"

"Come on! You were flirting with her!"

Edwin crossed his arms, "Quit being so jealous, Violet! You're making stuff up! Things are good."

"They are?"

Edwin grabbed her hands and swung them back and forth. "Sure they are.  As long as you don't flip out."

 Violet swooned as Edwin walked out.  He was soooo cute!

"Wait," Violet wondered, all of a sudden feeling sick to her stomach.  "He didn't say that he wasn't flirting with her, did he?"

 "ARTHUR!" Helen cried as she ran in the house.

"Oh God, it's so good to see you!" Arthur said as he pulled her into his arms.  "Waiting has been hell!"

"Tell me about it! You weren't the one stuck finishing up their senior year with those crazy freshmen!"

"I hated every minute you were away," Arthur said as he dropped to one knee.  "Marry me so we don't ever have to be apart again!"

 Arthur thought it was a beautiful wedding that was well attended with all their family and friends.

Alan sighed. It'd been a beautiful wedding, but man, it'd made him miss Regan.  Especially since his ex, Alyssa was there making sour faces at him all night.  He'd done his best to avoid running into her at all.  She was still pretty miffed that he'd broken things off to date Regan.

It made it hard that Alyssa was best friends with Helen and came over all the time.

"Helen's inside, Alyssa," Alan told Alyssa when she came out to bug him. 

"I know where she is.  I just came out to talk to you."

Alan shoved his hands in his coat pockets.  "I think we've said everything we need to say, Alyssa.  Let's just let it go."

Alyssa reached out to grab his arm, "I just don't understand..."  She trailed off when she saw Regan walking down the street. 

Alan saw Regan was shocked that Alyssa was there.  She glanced between the two of them and he felt guilty for even standing within 5 feet of Alyssa.

Alyssa just cross her arms and sniffed, "Well, I guess it's perfectly clear."  Head held high, she stormed back inside.

Alan pulled his hands out of his pocket and stroked Regan's cheek.  "Hey beautiful," he said sappily.

Regan glanced at the door and asked, "Is there anything I should know about?"

"No," he said shaking his head.  "She just comes over all the time to hang out with Helen. You don't have anything to worry about, believe me!"  Man, just his luck, he thought.  It'd taken him forever to convince Regan to drop her studies for the weekend and come visit him and then she catches Alyssa talking to him!

"So how's school going?" he asked over dinner.

"Oh, you know. Crazy sex-starved idiots running around pretending to care about school."

Alan cleared his throat.  "Oh yeah? Is there anything I should know about?"

Regan looked at him quizzically.  "No? What?"

"Nothing," Alan said with a small smiled.  "Ummm... actually... there is something I wanted to say... I mean ask.."

Alan pushed the ring box across the table.  "Marry me? We can wait until you're done with college, but after that, let's do it! Let's get married!"

Regan gazed at the ring and seemed to consider the possibilities.  Alan was definitely sweating it!  "I mean, no rush or anything!" he added.  

Finally Regan seemed to reach a decision.  "Yes, of course. I think that will be a good plan.  As long as we wait to have children until we're more established."

Alan sighed with relief.  "Of course!" At this point, he'd agree to anything!

It didn't long for Helen to share the exciting news.  Levi and Gwen would soon be grandparents!

Alan was outside tending the flowers when he saw trouble walking the sidewalk....


"Hey Alan," she said brightly.

Alan glared and went inside.

"Oh come! You're still not upset I slept with your friend, are you?"

"Which one?" Alan asked sarcastically.  "I think you slept with all of them!"

Sabrina shrugged, "Get more friends then."

Alan shoved his hands in his pockets.  "I will! And I won't introduce them to you!"  Still glaring, he turned on his heel and stormed inside, slamming the door.

"Well that went well," Arthur said mildly. 

Sabrina hugged him.  "Hey, big brother!  He'll get over it," she said nodding towards the door.

Arthur considered his sister.  "Maybe it would also help if you apologized.  And quit sleeping around?"

"Well you're going to slip into that father role quite well, aren't you?" Sabrina asked glibly. 

"I certainly hope so.  Helen's pregnant!"

"ARTHUR! Come quick, something's wrong with Dad!" Alan called from the door.

"There was nothing anyone could do.  It was just his time," Gwen said sadly.  "If you'll excuse me, I'm going to lay down for awhile."

The siblings sat in the livingroom, sharing stories about growing up and their Dad.  Sabrina glanced across the room at Alan, who still looked shell-shocked.

"I'm sorry, Alan. I didn't mean to make things hard for you."

Alan glanced over at her and nodded.  "I know.  You just have think of other people, you know?"

Sabrina sighed and nodded.

Arthur looked pensive.  "Anyone think we should call Lily? Let her know about Dad?" 

"No way!" Sabrina and Alan responded quickly. 

"It was her choice to leave him. To leave us! She can read it in the paper!" Sabrina added hotly.

"ARTHUR!" Helen called from the room.  "Come quick!"

What else could go wrong? Arthur thought as he ran to the room with his siblings close behind him. 

And stopped short when he saw his first born son, the 5th generation, Vaughn. 

"He's perfect," he told Helen in awe as he kissed her softly on the lips.  "Absolutely perfect."


  1. Wee! 5th generation! How long are you going to play then.? Till the death of the first generation 5 sim.?

    1. That's my plan! Alton Carter (Carters) is the oldest 5th generation, so I think I have 4-5 more rounds left to play!


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