April 24, 2012

Paradise Bay High School - Round 21

Paradise Bay High School Schedule
Year 2, Round 21
Principal: Joshua Bear
Administrative Assistant - Dana Bear

Freshman, AM - Elective - Music, taught by Benjamin Bradshaw

Juniors, AM - Elective - Art, taught by Helen Potter

Seniors, group 1, AM - Academic - Math, taught by Randy Bear

Seniors, group 2, AM - Academic - English, taught by Arthur Potter

Freshmen, PM - Academics - Science, taught by James Carter

Seniors, girls, PM - Elective - Gym, taught by Dana Bear

Seniors, boys, PM - Elective - Gym, taught by Abe Henderson
"Hey Coach, can I take a quick break?" Edwin asked as he jogged off the soccer field.  "I really need some water!"

"Sure," Coach Abe said absently as he handed Edwin a hall pass.

Samuel had just left his Juniors reading their history books to grab a book from the library when he stopped short...

"What would your parents say?!" Joshua demanded in the principal's office.

"I'm sorry, sir," Nicole said honestly.  "It will never happen again, sir!"  She stopped short of batting her eyelashes.  All she knew was that her Mom would kill her if she found out what Nicole had been doing in the library.

Joshua turned his eye to Edwin, the trouble-maker.  "And you?"

Edwin shrugged. This was so lame.

"You don't have anything to say?"

Edwin shrugged again.  What were they going to do? Not let him graduate? Ha!

Joshua held eye contact with Edwin until the young boy looked away.  Finally, he sighed.  "I'll be calling both of your parents."  The school bell rang.  "You're both dismissed. Don't let this happen again."
Joshua watched as students and faculty wandered down the halls to go home.  He was going to miss it here.

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  1. Edwin is such a rascal. I have long lost track of all the girls he has kissed. Can't wait to see what he does as an adult.


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