April 7, 2012

Paradise Bay Elementary - Round 21

"Hey Casey," Angela said as she stepped into the teacher's lounge.  "Cheryl mentioned that she'd like to speak with you before class began."  Turning towards Alyssa Johntson, she smiled.  "Welcome to Paradise Bay Elementary.  Are you excited for your first day?!"

Alyssa smiled.  "I can't wait! Kindergarten is such a fun age!"

"Well," Casey sighed, standing up.  "Guess it's time to get the day started.  I'll see you ladies later!"

Casey assumed Cheryl had called him in to chit chat. 

"Please close the door," Cheryl said as he walked in. 

Raising his eyebrow, Casey did as she asked and sat down.  "Is there a problem Cheryl?"

"Oh heaven's no.  I just need to speak with you," Cheryl said, twirling the pencil on her desk.  Eyes welling with tears, she got straight to the point.  "You heard about Charles?"

Casey's heart swelled with compassion.  "I did. I'm so sorry Cheryl.  I know he'll be missed."

Sighing, Cheryl dabbed at her eyes.  "Well, I think it's time... past time, really... that I retire.  I'd like you to take my place.  I've already run it by the board and if you're agreeable, you will start next semester."

Casey stilled.  "Are you sure Cheryl?"

Cheryl smiled.  "It was your idea, Casey.  Who better to carry on the torch?  Paradise Bay Elementary wouldn't exist without you!"

"I'm honored!"

"Well, with that out of the way, I suppose we should start out day!" Cheryl said, placing her pencil away and trying to paste on a smile.  "This will be my last assembly." 

Cheryl walked to the gym where Alyssa and Angela had their children waiting patiently.  Walking up on stage, Cheryl smiled down at the little angelic faces.

"Good morning boys and girls!" she announced.  "Welcome back to Paradise Bay Elementary!  We're happy to have you here and can't wait to have fun learning!"

Dismissing the children to go with their teachers, Cheryl headed back to her office to get her paperwork out of the way.  She definitely wouldn't miss the paperwork!

Alyssa sat with the children on the rug to read a story at the start of circle time.  Vanessa Pai, Brooks Landry & Analeigh Carter all sat and eagerly listened to the story Mouse Soup and giggled at the silly antics.

Angela tapped her desk for attention.  "We'll be learning about science and nature today in class," she announced.  "Please get your books and read the first chapter on Nature (cleaning)."

After Gym, Casey wandered outside to watch the kids play before going home.  What a gift it was to be recognized for his hard work and beliefs.  He thought that they could make something out of Paradise Bay Elementary, and here they were - after much hard work & planning sessions!  Perhaps he could iron out some of the kinks in the system once he was at the helm.

Angela and Alyssa walked their children out to the pavilion to wait to be picked up by their parents.  All the students smiled and waved as they walked by.  "Bye Miss Cheryl!" they called out as they attempted to stay in straight lines.

Cheryl watched the children go & felt her heart strings pull.  She was going to miss those kids like crazy!


  1. I love your school idea; how do you do it?

    1. Thanks! I've really, really enjoyed playing around with having the schools!

      The school is a business lot that Cheryl purchased. On her turn, she went to the school & I used the teleporter shrub to call in the students & made them selectable (I like Inge's school hacks for my highschool, but I'm still learning how to use it!).

    2. Do you use any of Simlogicals' hacks? I have a bunch of them but have'nt used them yet (I'm Meg from the Yahoo prosperity group)

    3. Hey! I've checked out your Avondale Prosperity! I didn't use the Simlogical hacks for my elementary because they get easy stuff. But, I played around with it for my High School. It was kind of hard to figure out since I had so many teens & I was trying to keep them separated by age group. As I recall, I struggled until I realized I had to start class with the bell. DOH!

      I used the anything out of Sullivan's walk-through: http://sullivansims.blogspot.com/2009/04/community-lot-schools-kind-of-not.html.

      Hope it helps!

  2. Yes, the school is impressive, don't know that I would have the patience to do it. :) I like reading how you do it!


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