April 25, 2012

Pai - Round 21

Drake kissed Vamsi one last time before getting out of bed to get ready for work.  "Come on, we're going to be late," he said as he playfully pinched her bottom.

"Mr. Pai!" Vamsi tried to sound stern, but dissolved into a fit of giggles.

As they piled into the car, Drake felt that there was something he must be forgetting.

"Hey, Drake, I just wanted to leave a message.  I'm back! I'll see you tonight! I can't wait, sweetheart," she said, her voice becoming husky.  "I've been looking forward to tonight for what feels like forever!"

Feeling like an interloper even though Drake had given her a key, she strolled through his home... noting how masculine it felt.  Feeling fitful, she passed the time reading the paper & planning her special celebratory dinner.

"There! Perfect!" she congratulated herself as she set the table.  "Just one more thing..."

Marissa fussed with her hair & dress.  "Perfect!" she finally decreed.  "You are one hot mama," she told herself, smiling.

Lounging on the couch, she waited for Drake to walk in.  "Hello darling," she said seductively.

"Oh! God!" she yelped, embarrassed when she noticed Drake's business associate behind him.

Drake started and glanced nervously between the two.  "Marissa! You're back!" he said dumbly.

"Wow, I'm glad I didn't opt for the lingerie!" Marissa said awkwardly.  Was it her or did Drake's assistant's eyes just narrow?

Drake nervously laughed.  "Oh yeah... that would've been..."  Helplessly he trailed off. 

Marissa stepped forward and hugged him.  "Didn't you get my message? I called this morning!"

Drake shook his head.  "No, umm... no messages!"

Marissa was starting to feel ridiculous.  This was like a bad dream.  "Oh. Well..." Brightening, she said, "Well, I made dinner! Umm... would..."  she motioned towards Vamsi.

Drake paused a long moment waiting for Marissa to continue until he realized he'd never introduced them. God! What a mess!  "Oh! Um, Marissa, this is my assistant, Vamsi.  Vamsi, this is... my... umm... Marissa."

Marissa nodded towards the other women.  "Well, Vamsi, would you like to stay for dinner?"

"Don't mind if I do," Vamsi said, shooting a look at Drake.

Marissa told herself not to jump to conclusions as they headed towards the kitchen.

"It looks lovely, Marissa.  The flowers are a real nice touch," Drake said as he sat down.

Vamsi hurried over & pulled out the chair opposite of him.

Marissa went to the fridge and served another helping of salad and then sat down next to them.  It was rather quiet.

Silently, Marissa took her plate to the sink and washed it, her mind churning with unanswered questions.  If only she could get a few minutes alone with Drake.

Finally, she managed to pull Drake aside and whispered in his ear.  "I had planned a special night, tonight.  Do you think it's time for Vamsi to go?"

Drake nodded.  "Oh, of course. Let me go talk to her."

Marissa watched as Drake leaned close and whispered to Vamsi, who shot over angry look a time or two.  Finally, Vamsi turned on her heel and huffed off.

Marissa's heart sunk when Drake hurried after her calling, "Vamsi, come on, let's just talk about it!"

Drake found Marissa crying in bed after he trudged up the stairs.  He knew he had some explaining to do.   Settling down next to Marissa, he explained that he & Vamsi had worked on a project after hours and had gotten close.  Just recently it had become physical.

"But, it's over now, I swear! I just... you were away... and..." he trailed off.  He knew there was really no excuse for his behavior. He'd proposed to her & he should've been faithful.  "I promise I'll make it up to you," he vowed.

Against all odds, Marissa had softened towards him and had seemed to have forgiven him.  Gazing at her dressed in her beautiful wedding dress, she took his breath away.  He would spend every minute he had making sure she knew how lucky he was to have her!

This was the happiest day in Marissa's life. She was finally going to become Mrs. Pai! Nothing could ruin this day for her!

Drake hugged her tight and only felt the tiniest twinge of doubt...

"What is she doing here?" Marissa asked when she saw Vamsi dressed up in their livingroom. 

Vamsi made a face at Marissa and turned towards Drake.

"I need to talk to you. Privately," she told him.  "Please."

Drake glanced around and led her to the garage to talk.

"What is it, Vamsi?" he asked angrily.  "It's my wedding night, if you couldn't tell."

Vamsi held her hands up. "I know! It's tearing me up inside!"  Leaning forward, she reached to pull him into an embrace.

Drake pushed her away. "What are you doing, Vamsi? It's over!"

Turning, he started towards the door.

Vamsi whispered softly, "I'm pregnant."

"What?" Drake asked incredulously.  "Pregnant?"

"I just thought it might change your mind..." Vamsi hedged.

"You're pregnant? When did you find out?"

Vamsi shrugged.  "I've known.  And now I've told you!"

"Do you think you should've told me before I married Marissa?" he demanded.

"Oh please, like that would've changed your mind! You have your little saintly wife by your side! You don't need to dirty yourself with your cliched dirty mistress!"

Drake shook his head.  "It wasn't like that... I... cared... about you.  But, I love Marissa."

"That's not good enough!" she'd cried before running from the house.

Drake watched her go, conflicted.

Marissa was hovering close by when he walked back in.  "Is everything okay," she asked softly.

"Everything is perfect," he said seriously, wrapping his arms around her.  "She's gone. For good."

Marissa breathed a sigh of relief.

But, Marissa noticed a change in Drake.  He'd taken to having hushed conversations on the phone...

...and claimed he wasn't in the mood.

"He's cheating on you," Gloria told her. "Either that or he's gay.  I bet he's gay."

Marissa blew out an exasperated breath.  "You're not helping Gloria!"

"Sorry, what do you want me to say?" Gloria asked.  "The signs are all there! You need to ask him point blank whether he's having an affair."

Marissa hung her head.

"Or gay," Gloria added.

Despite the situation, Marissa found herself laughing and threw a pillow at her sister.  She'd rather laugh than cry any day....

It should've been easy, Marissa thought.  Just ask him if he's having an affair.  So many times the words hovered on her lips, but she was too scared to ask. 

"I have to work late tonight, sweetheart. I'll be home as soon as I can, though."

Dinner for one again, she thought sadly as she looked at his empty chair.

She couldn't help it, she broke down in tears and bawled at the kitchen table.  Nothing had been as it should've been since she came home. 

Maybe if she tried harder... she thought sadly.

She rubbed his back after a long day at work...
She sat with him while he studied and made small talk...

But nothing seemed to break through the shell he'd put up around him.

"I've had it!" Marissa yelled.  "I don't know what else to do! Are you having an affair?" she heard the evil words spill from her lips before she could call them back.

"What do you mean?" Drake asked. 

"Are you having an affair?" she demanded again.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Yes or no. Are you having an affair?!"

"I can't believe you'd ask me something like that!"

Tears sprang to her eyes.  "You can't even answer me!" Taking a steadying breath, she announced, "I'm going to stay at my sister's for awhile.  We can discuss this later."

"Your sister?" Drake sputtered.   "Marissa, let's talk about this!" he said as he trailed behind her.

Fifteen minutes later, Marissa had packed her bags into the car and was pulling away as Drake still begged to talk. 

"The time to talk is through,"  she'd told him before she left.  "I just need time to think."

Drake watched Marisa pull away & it hit him how much he was losing if she left him...

He loved her... heart and soul...

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