April 24, 2012

McMillians (2) - Round 21

David was pretty excited Krista Landry was coming home with him to study.  She was so smart.  And funny.  He didn't know her too well, since she kind of kept to herself... but he was hoping to change that...

...And change it in a BIG way!

Conrad smiled after trimming the hedges to see Michelle coming down the sidewalk.  "Michelle!" he called out.  "How are sweetheart?"  It had been ages since he'd seen his little girl.  Although, she wasn't all that little anymore.    "Mother!" he called out. "Come see Michelle!"

Tristen weakly smiled and shuffled forward.  "Hello, dear."

Michelle hugged her Dad.  "Hey guys.  Things are well!  Anthony is the best!"

Tristen scoffed.  "You don't even know him!"

Michelle rolled her eyes.  "Moooooom.  I know him well enough.  I think... I think I love him!"

"Congratulations!" Conrad said.

Tristen scoffed again and walked off.  "I'm going to go inside to start dinner."

"Actually, Daddy, I wanted to find out if you guys would come to a dinner at my place soon?"

Conrad hedged.  "I'll talk to your Mother."

Michelle sighed.  "That means no.  Do you think she'll ever forgive me?"

"She will. She just needs a little more time.  You hurt her feelings moving out like you did."

"Well, if I'd stayed we'd be at each other's throats!"

"I know. I know.  I'm not saying it's easy... I'm saying time will make things better."

"Alright, well, I love you both.  I need to get back home.  Tell Mom about the dinner idea..." 

Time was not something Tristen had much of.  The family was shocked and saddened that Tristen passed away so young.

Michelle was devastated.  She'd never made up with her Mom, and now it was too late.  

Conrad called his family together for a wake to mourn Tristen's passing.  "I want each and every single one of you to know how much your Mother loved you."  Squeezing Michelle's hand, his voice cracked.  "She loved you all so much."

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