April 25, 2012

McMillans (6) - Round 21

Mandy had left her brother's wedding party in a hurry after realizing she'd never told Kevin how she felt about him.  Running up the front steps, she knocked on the door frantically.

Kevin heard the pounding from his room and slid out of bed.  His heart racing, he was was worried something was wrong.  Seeing Mandy standing behind the glass pane, he felt his heart leap into his throat.

Throwing the door open, he ushered her in.

"Is everything okay, Mandy? The baby?" Kevin asked hurriedly as he watched her sob before him.  Grabbing her shoulders, he tried to peer into her face. "Are you sick? Should I call a doctor?"

Pressing her face into his shoulder, she wailed.  "I love you and I never told you!" 

Kevin stopped short, unsure of how to proceed.  Tipping her chin up, he smiled.  "I love you, too."   Gently he wiped the tears from her eyes.  "I was shocked at first, but I think this baby will be a blessing for us."

"I know I'm in my pj's and that's not horribly romantic, but..." Kevin dropped to one knee and reached into the side drawer.  Holding up an engagement ring, he asked, "Will you marry me Mandy and make me the happiest man in the world?"

Mandy couldn't believe her ears.  She was going to get her storybook romance.. well.. maybe with a few minor differences...

"I will!" she cried as she launched herself into his arms sobbing.  "I'm sorry, it's the hormones!"

Kevin just laughed as he held her tightly.  Everything was okay.  Mandy loved him! They were having a baby together!

Patting Mandy's belly, he gazed up into her eyes, struck by how beautiful she was.

And then...

Kennedy was the most handsome child she'd ever seen!

Mandy came over as Miss Steele and went to sleep as Mrs. McMillan. 

2 am...  Mandy blearily got out of bed and stumbled to the crib.

Another night feeding.  And 2 hours later she would need to repeat the ritual.

Casey woke up in the morning and checked on his sleeping family. Walking out to Leah's gravesite, he felt wracked with guilt over the mess.  He couldn't believe he'd let it go this much.  He might be moving on, but there was no reason to disrespect the love he'd lost.

Mandy came home from work excited about her professional oppurtunities.  It was the perfect time to throw a party to celebrate their marriage, little Kennedy & her promotion!

The house was packed with her college friends.

Kevin glanced around skeptically.  "I'd really just wanted a quiet night to ourselves," he said over the loud music.

Mandy smiled and touched his arm.  "Oh please, I want you to have fun.  Let me introduce you to a few people." 

Kevin let his wife weave him through the party.

Kevin was surprised how fast Kennedy was growing.  Time seemed to slip by without yo even knowing it!

Knowing how fast time flew, Kevin tried to take every opportunity to show Mandy how much he loved her, Kennedy & their unborn child.


Welcome to the world little boy Calvin

And happy birthday Kennedy!

You're a big boy now!

Awww... the spitting image of his father... with black hair!

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