April 3, 2012

McMillans (6) - Round 20

Casey was glad that he had such a good group of friends.

Especially Mandy.  He wasn't really sure where they were. They weren't technically dating.

But they enjoyed hanging out together. They could talk about anything for hours.

And of course the chemistry amazing!

Absolutely amazing!

But, in the end, he just didn't know if he was ready to go forward after losing Leah so suddenly.  There were a million things that could happen that could send him right back to the brink of depression.

"And we don't need to go back down that road," he said aloud to the empty room.

"Great, you're talking to yourself again," Casey mumbled under his breath.  Maybe it was time to see a psychiatrist...

Maybe a date with Mandy would help him unwind...

Her visit was far from soothing, though.

As soon as she walked in, she looked at him square in the face & announced, "Casey, I'm pregnant."

Casey almost had a heart attack.  It was almost as if Leah was standing right in front of him. She couldn't be pregnant! He'd already lost one wife and child... could he handle it if he lost another? 

"Casey? Casey are you okay?"

Casey put his hand to his chest and practiced breathing deeply.

"Casey? Sit down.  You're so pale!"  Mandy tried to lead Casey to the couch, but he waved her away.

"No, I"m okay. It was just a... surprise... that's all."  Looking at her slightly rounded belly, he asked, "Are you sure?"

Mandy nodded sadly.  "Yeah.  I took almost 10 pregnancy tests.  I didn't want to say anything until I was sure..."

Casey just nodded. 

Mandy nervously fidgeted. "So what do you want to do?"

Kevin didn't know what he wanted to do.  What was he supposed to do? What was he supposed to say? God, he just wanted to run out of the house and never come back!

Feeling distraught, he pulled Mandy into a hug.  "We'll figure it out. Right now though, I just need a little time to wrap my head around it."

Mandy sniffled and wiped a tear away. "Okay, sure. I understand."

Kevin caressed her cheek. "You're okay, though? Right?"

Mandy nodded.

Kevin sighed in relief. "Good! Good." Hugging her tighter, he kissed her temple and told her he'd call her soon.

The next morning, Kevin went out to visit Leah's grave. He was appalled by how overgrown it had become.  He wasn't so busy that he couldn't make sure the flowers were blooming and the weeds were pulled.  He owed that much to Leah!

Crouching down, he began pulling weeds.  "Leah, I don't know what to do. Sometimes I wonder what our life would be like if you'd lived. If we had our little baby."  Pausing, he admitted.  "But, I'm seeing someone else.  She's pregnant."  Feeling weird, as if he was admitting to cheating on a dead person, he hurriedly added, "I think I really love her, but I'm so scared."

As he pulled the last weed and threw it to the side, he sighed,  "I guess it's time to move on."

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  1. yup, life goes on. I think Leah would approve anyway!


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