April 25, 2012

McMillans (5) - Round 21

Clint was glad for the family reunion.  There were some faces he hadn't seen for years - like his cousin, Lacy.

Mostly it was nice to have a nice long chat with his twin brother Casey & his wife, Autumn.  Sure, it hurt to see Casey & Autumn all lovey-dovey in front of him since Solveig had passed away.  But, he was dealing with it.

Especially after meeting the nice widow from the Circle Way subdivision.  He'd just happened to be in the right place at the right time & they'd struck a chord.

Veronica Carter made him feel alive and young again!

She wasn't coy about the passion that flared between them either. 

Amazingly, he felt lonely when she wasn't over. The house just felt so empty...

...that is... until CJ and his friends came home from school.

Clint was proud of his son for getting out there & meeting people.  He knew he'd been pretty shy at first, but he was really blossoming.  Clint had tried to offer him some tips with the ladies, but CJ had just scowled and told him not to be gross. 

Clint chuckled just thinking about the face his boy had made.

CJ had been appalled that his Dad had tried to give him tips for picking up chicks.  Gross!

Besides, he didn't think he needed any help with the ladies...

"If you would please come to the table, mi'lady," Clint said in a deep voice.

"What's the special occasion?"  Veronica asked as he fed her a bite of the baked alaska.

"It's our 1 month anniversary," he said happily. 

"Anniversary?" Her eyebrows raised in surprise.  "What am I? Your girlfriend?" she asked incredulously.

Clint pulled at his sleeves.  "Sure. I mean, we've been seeing each other exclusively. Right?"

Veronica patted his arm.  "Of course.  I just didn't realize we were labeling it.  It feels a little silly because of our age..." she trailed off.

Clint ate the rest of his dessert in silence, the mood broken.

Sighing, Veronica put her napkin on the table and held out her hand.  "Are you ready for bed?"

Clint had thought about it all night & was either making an extremely smart decision or an extremely stupid decision.  He guessed only time would tell....

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  1. hahaha Clint is such a romantic. I would probably question all the funny business too if I were Veronica!!


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