April 25, 2012

McMillans (4) - Round 21

Casey hugged Autumn tight after coming home.  She'd been so happy when she heard the good news that once Cheryl officially retired at the end of the school year, he would be Paradise Bay Elementary's new principal. 

"You deserve it, baby.  Without you, it never would've been possible!"

Casey chuckled.  "I was so young and full of piss and vinegar!"

Autumn goosed him.  "You still are!"
Meadow was so glad that Trent came over and wasn't mad at her anymore.  She'd made a huge mistake messing around with his brother.  But, she'd just been so confused about what she wanted...  Did she want steady & true or wild & exciting? 

Right now she was leaning towards steady & true.

Willow wanted steady & true, as well.  She thought she'd found the perfect guy in Zane Carpenter.  He was so down to earth, honest & thoughtful.  He was nothing like his older brother, Edwin!

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