April 3, 2012

McMillans (4) - Round 20

Casey & Autumn took the night off to celebrate their recent promotions.

Summer took advantage of the parents being away to throw a huge party.

"What do you think you're doing here?" she asked rudely when Edwin walked in.

"I came with Regina," he said.

Summer put her hands on her hips. "Well, I don't want you here!"

"Ah come on. Don't be a bitch. So it didn't work out between us. Doesn't mean I can't come to your party!"

"Um, that's exactly what it means. Get out!"

Fuming, Michelle looked around for Regina.  "Look, I don't know you well, but if I were you, I would watch it with Edwin. He's a cheating slime ball."

Regina nodded politely.  "Umm... okay. Thanks for sharing."

Happy birthday Willow!

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  1. Edwin, Ewdin...tsk, tsk tsk. You keep the girls in Prosperity Bay all stirred up!


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