April 25, 2012

McMillans (3) - Round 21

Sarah hugged her daughter.  "Look at you! All grown up!" Sarah said with tears in her eyes.  "I'm sure you're driving the boys crazy at school!  Just be sure to catch a good one, like your father!"

Lizzie laughed lightly. "Oh mom, like I want to catch anyone!  They're going to have to catch me!"

"Lizzie? Is that you?" Manuel asked when he saw her dancing.  "The last time I saw you, you were a teenager!"

"Well, I grew up," Lizzie flirted.  "Do you think I grew up well?"

Manuel gave her a once-over.  "Oh yeah, I would say that you grew up very nicely!"

"LiZZZie.... come sing with me!"

Lizzie glanced at her mom, "Coming!"  Giving Manuel the same once-over, she lightly tapped his arm.  "I'll see you later, I hope!"

Lizzie let her Mom lead her away to sing.  It was generally good practice to leave the boys wanting.  They were so open to the power of suggestion...

Chevy didn't think there was any girl better than Cora.  He just hoped he had a chance once they went off to college to prove it!

"Happy birthday, Lincoln," Chevy handed his little brother his present.

"What is it? What is it?" Lincoln asked excitedly as he tore through the paper.  "Yes! That mechanical car I've been wanting!"

"Thanks, man!"

What Lincoln really wanted for his birthday was to meet some girls.  And he knew Chevy couldn't help him with that! Chevy was such a stuffed shirt!

With the help of the matchmaker, Lincoln was in business!

"Come on, say you want to kiss me!" Lincoln teased.

Apparently headlocks got results.

*clears throat*

"Mom, I'm going to rake some leaves," Lincoln lied as he walked out to the front yard, swirling the leaves around in place while waiting for his ride.

Excellent, he thought!  Just in time!

Lincoln loved meeting new chicks and hanging out.  He didn't know how anyone chose between so many wonderful girls!

Thankfully... between his school friends and the gypsy...

Lincoln didn't think he'd ever have to choose!

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  1. Woah is Lincoln the new heart breaker of Prosperity Bay? Move over, Edwin!


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