April 3, 2012

McMillans (3) - Round 20

Sarah knew that her parties were legendary.  People begged to be added to her guest list!  She always joked that you had to be her Best Friend in order to get in... and she had at least 30 Best Friends!

Lizzie couldn't believe a boy had turned her down! NO ONE turned her down! It just didn't happen to her! She was LIZZIE!

Sarah wondered if her child had been switched at birth.  He was so studious! Only 10 years old and wanting to research!

The rest of the family was happy go-lucky.  Content to throw parties, have fun & meet new people!

This is more like it, Lizzie thought.  Guys didn't turn her down! There must be something wrong with Quincy!  She was damn fine & he was blind!

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  1. Hahaha sounds like Lizzie is a tad self centered!


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