April 26, 2012

Jakobson - Round 21

Vamsi glared as she let him in.  "So you decided to come & see your son.  I was wondering if I would need to send a birth announcement."  Bitterness laced her voice.  "Wouldn't Marissa have loved to see that?!"

Drake gazed at the baby, scanning each feature & hoping to see no familiarity.  It would be much easier for him to be able to deny paternity.  "Marissa is at her sister's for the time," he said sadly.

Ah, Vamsi thought, smiling.  "She left you?"

"You needn't look so happy about it," Drake growled.  "May I hold him?"

Vamsi handed him over without hesitation. "I named him Dierk Pai Jakobson."

Drake nodded as he cradled his first born son in his arms.  "I suppose we should discuss child support.  Or would you prefer to go through the courts?"

Scowling, Vamsi glared.  "Business first, as always!"

"Where is the nursery?" Drake asked abruptly.

Vamsi led him through her home to the spare room she'd set up the stylish crib.

Drake tenderly put Dierk in his crib, then whirled on Vamsi.  "Anything between you and I has long since faded.  All that remains between us is business & our son.  I think I made that perfectly clear!"

"Oh, I'm so sick of you, you pompous blow-hard! Let the attorneys hash out child support & visitation!  Get out of my house!"  Vamsi shooed his away.  He was so arrogant and stern, as though there was never anything special between them.  Sullen, she glared at the sleeping baby.

Smelling something foul, she looked down & saw that the child had wet itself.  "For the love of...  that's all I need today!  To change your nasty, stinky diaper!"

(Ah! The first time I've ever seen someone lecture a baby! Yay! Oh... I mean.. poor little Dierk!  Vamsi is going to be that kind of mother!)

Needing as much distance from Drake as possible, Vamsi had quit without any notice and quickly found employment at another firm.  Some other executive would benefit from her experience.

Quickly, she befriended her immediate supervisor, Mr. Cameron. 

It never hurt to enjoy a few happy hours with the coworkers!

 "I like your hair!" Roberto yelled as they danced.

Vamsi cupped her hand at her ear and yelled back, "What did you say?"

Robert took the opportunity to lean closer.  "I said I like your hair!"

Smiling, Vamsi danced a little closer.

 A few drinks later and Roberto & Vamsi were enjoying a slow dance, regardless of what their coworkers wagging tongues might suggest.

Let them talk! Vamsi thought to herself.  I'm going to enjoy myself!

Roberto had insisted on giving her a ride home.  She couldn't help but think how sweet & romantic he was!

Quietly, he stroked his hand down her cheek.  "I'll see you tomorrow at work, Ms. Jakobson."

Vamsi felt like she floated inside.  She was in love!

Hearing the boy crying in the kitchen, Vamsi scooped him up and plopped him in bed.  Hopefully the nanny changed his diaper before bedtime, because she was not changing that dirty thing!

Vamsi was not surprised when Roberto dropped to one knee and proposed to her several weeks later.  She'd made herself invaluable to him.

 They gathered a few friends together to toast to their engagement.

 "Mooooooooooom!" Dierk cried as the music thumped through the walls.   For a long time no one came.  Then, Roberto stuck his head in the door & harshly barked at Dierk to hush.

The next morning Dierk got ready for his first day of school, worried that he would get lost or forget something important.  He wanted to make his Mom proud!

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  1. Can't blame Vamsi for her resentment, but it's sad she's taking it out on the kid. I'm glad she found love, though. Hopefully Dierk can make some friends and find his own happiness away from his cold mother.


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