April 9, 2012

Harts - Round 21

Dawn was fawning over all the attention the boys were giving her!  It was almost like they were tripping over themselves to talk to her!  She couldn't wait to go to college & have her pick of the litter!

Marylena felt the baby kick & was thankful she'd already been through one pregnancy.  She'd know what to expect better this time around.

"Marylena, is that you?" Marion asked.

Marylena couldn't believe it.  "Marion! How are you?"

Laughing, Marion hugged her. "I'm good. I'm married!" Showing off her ring, Marion told Marylena about her husband, Malcolme Steele.  "And how are you?"

Marylena pointed to her stomach and laughed.  "Baby number 2!"

Marion nodded.  "I never would've thought you'd have kids! What about your career?!"

"We've managed to successfully combine both.  We have a part-time nanny that comes in to help & Frank's parents help out alot, as well."

Marion nodded, but didn't look impressed.  "Well, I'm very happy for you. Congratulations." Glancing at her watch, Marion made her excuses and hurried on her way.

Marylena could understand why Marion had rushed off.  They'd always talked about how committed they would be to their careers.  But, she'd learned that you could be both a Mother & a Doctor at the same time!

Little Parker was proof of that!  (Aw, look, he got her beak, er.... I mean... nose!)

Dawn had been wishing for someone special in her life for awhile now.  Sure, she had some good friends, but she didn't want to mess up their friendships.  If she made a move on them & it went sour - she'd have lost a good friend!

So, she tried to meet someone new...

Charlie... now he would do nicely!

A few well-timed flirts & a scorching kiss & Charlie was putty in her hands! Of course he went steady with her!

It came as a surprise to everyone, especially Aaron, when he passed away.

Ashlee sat in her chair & sobbed.  What would she do without him?

Marylena panted in the kitchen & cursed at Frankie for impregnating her.  She threatened to cut something off if she got pregnant again.  He thought it best not to point out the little ax behind her. He promised to make an appointment with the doctor.

But the agony was well worth it.  Little, sweet Gayle was born with beautiful red hair and green eyes.

Dawn was an excellent cook. Really she was. She just tended to catch things on fire when she cooked.

Generally they used the fire extinguisher to put out the flames and everything was fine.

But this time...

"Oh my God, it's all my fault!" Dawn freaked out.

Falling to his knees, Frankie prayed as hard and furiously as he could to feel a heartbeat.  Placing his fingers to her neck, he felt a pulse.

"Dawn. She's okay! Dawn! Hush! She's okay. Go take care of Gayle!"

Dawn stopped wailing and picked up the baby and rushed to the other room.

Frankie picked up Marylena and hugged her tight.  "I thought I'd lost you," he said sadly.

Marylena squeezed him back.

"Will you read me a story Dawn?" Parker asked.

Dawn waved him away.  "Go read it yourself!" she said.

"But I don't know how to read!"

"Well, go do something else!"

Parker sighed.  He couldn't wait until he was old enough to read.  Dawn wouldn't play with him & he wasn't allowed to play with Gayle since she was a baby!

What else was there to do?!

Happy birthday Gayle!

Aww... she looks like her Mom, too!


  1. Haha the bird beak nose surfaces again!!!

    1. Her bird beak kinda grew on me! I didn't think it would!


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